Online hard work very hard

Online hard work very hard

if the online business power source to the pursuit of dreams, then in the dream, you will encounter a lot of combat, frustration, disappointment and even think of giving up, accompanied by consultants like free psychological consultants. Whether you are in the online business or the next line of business, entrepreneurship itself must include these experiences, because no one can casually succeed. Entrepreneurship itself is a difficult process, the results are only two, one is the joy of success, the two is the pain of failure. But no matter what, entrepreneurship, especially online business is very hard, need to be very persistent efforts.

online venture, is a protracted war process

when we see other people’s success, they often ignore the success of others before the pay. For example, we are very envious of the success of 163, Sina and other portals, because every day they only get a huge flow of -50 Baidu. If one day we grassroots webmaster also hit the flow records, only by a bi pop daily income up to 1000 yuan -2500 yuan. But in fact, we forget that they insist on paying for decades. We also envy A5, Chinaz and other webmaster forums, every day there are a large number of webmasters stop these forums. We admire more hao123, reportedly at hao123 this year launched a popular advertising, monthly rent of up to a million…… There are many successful people on the Internet, these people give us a lot of inspiration, so many people learn to copy and imitate. However, in the process of imitation, we seem to be less of a stick. Many successful Internet entrepreneurs, they are experiencing several years of efforts to win so proud of the income. Imagine, 163, Sina, A5, chinaz…… There are several sites in the short term to win the success of less than 6, 7 years, a long number of years of struggle.


online entrepreneurship, need to be down to earth

many people expect overnight, in the hope of making money online on the yuan monthly income, want to be Bill Gates, Li Kaifu, Ding Lei, Ma become dealing with electronic commerce and predecessors, as they would their own goals. This idea is valuable, but impractical. The success of the people advertised as their own goals, itself is not to face up to their strengths and weaknesses, but also did not see their own online entrepreneurial situation. On the contrary, if you can give us the entrepreneurial spirit of successful people, and encourage us to work hard, insist on, you will feel a great source of power. Because you will feel the power of standing on the shoulders of giants, by virtue of the strong spirit of the predecessors, adhere to you will be successful. This is a process that need to temper.

you may have learned to give up

a lot of people are expected to be successful in the short term, get passive income, this is not a rational idea. You can get it in 1-3 months unless there is a very small area of competitiveness