Facebook’s successful advertising creative activities

Facebook’s successful advertising creative activities

the core of all social networks is one thing: friends. Without them there is no incentive to join, there is no interest in becoming a permanent member. Depending on the network, the users selectively add friends and collect them as well as collecting cards. "Friends" are very important to every single consumer who lands in an online community.

just because of this point in mind, the Canadian communications company Telus on Facebook, I once thought it was the best advertising campaign. This event demonstrates that social networking is a good way to inform and educate consumers.

last month, the company introduced a new phone called Faves (my obsession) (My). Allows users to select 5 friends (no matter how their own equipment), they can enjoy unlimited amount of calls and text services. To enhance the awareness of this new service. Its target market is high school and college students.

Telus turned to the Toronto creative agency Teehan & and media company Media plan; Lax Experts, hope that they can help create a, can reflect the "my obsession" (My Faves) social network application characteristic of mobile phone. Facebook is clearly the right media. According to comScore data, in March, the site attracted 7 million 500 thousand unique, Canadian users aged under the age of 25. Facebook also found that 27% of Canadians are under the age of 18, and about 56% of people aged between 18 and 24. Earlier this year, the site’s traffic exceeded MySpace to become the leading social network in canada.

anyone who is familiar with Telus ads will not be surprised by its use of animal image. The company has always been famous for its use of animals and natural subjects. These two are in order to make it separate from the wireless devices of the competitors, and very clever highlight the different characteristics of their services.

in the "my obsession" case, the choice of animals for fish. The specific method is: to provide a fish bowl, Facebook members can add it to their profile page. In order to take up the bowl, they chose 5 Facebook friends, each with a different kind of fish as a representative. Users can also add a famous Canadian label to their fish bowl.

in the whole process of using the language and the Telus brand image, the product recommendation is also consistent with the ultimate goal of promotion.

"who are you swimming with? Tell the world with a virtual fish bowl in your own file page." After creating a fish that represents the user, Telus sends the message: "you look lonely, you should swim with your close friends. Let us begin to add your favorites." When friends are added, they receive an email notification, which will be called