College students Witkey develop new areas to make a living

College students Witkey develop new areas to make a living

"you do Witkey?" in February 15th, sponsored by several human resources agency of Beijing "to create a better future talent recruitment", Hebei university graduates of 09 Chen resume caused many units of interest. A culture company recruiters read Chen submitted bid on campaign work, inform him on the spot: "very innovative design, the day after tomorrow to come in for an interview."

for many people, "Witkey" is a new word, but in a few savvy college students, it has become a synonym for part-time online, in advance of entrepreneurship and job security. More and more college students from freshman and sophomore started when Witkey, spare time to do part-time network. "The next task Witkey often face a variety of challenges, not only can exercise the ability, and good reward, also can accumulate experience for the job." Chen told reporters.

creative unique beat professionals

"Witkey" is Witkey (wit means wisdom, key is the key of homophonic translation). In the Internet era, by virtue of their creative ability (wisdom and creativity) on the Internet to help others to get paid person is witkey. Simply speaking, Witkey is selling their intangible assets on the network (intellectual commodity) person, or that is in the network will be sold as a commodity of wisdom and creativity of people.

A statistics of

, the largest domestic Witkey website pig Witkey network show, at present, the number has more than 1 million registered Witkey website, and is growing at the rate of more than 2 thousand people a day. Among them, nearly 40% of the Witkey college students, the proportion is rising.

"Witkey is the biggest benefit to heroes." Chen said, in the online bidding task Witkey, participation, not only college students, there are a lot of masters and doctors, and some engaged in professional occupation. Although the lack of experience, but a lot of college students creative unique, still can beat professionals.

because of this, Witkey Internet active in a number of low degree but with strong ability of witkey. Geng one is a senior Witkey zhubajie, he has done 4 years of Witkey, designed Logo, creative solutions for many enterprises.

when a reporter asked him where he graduated from college, he said: "I did not go to college, but a few years in the town of technical schools."

According to the introduction of a

Geng, his technical school majored in automobile manufacturing, design is the self. 4 years ago, Witkey has just started, he would try to bid a few tasks, some even won the bid. Now, he has a stable job, put Witkey as a hobby, sometimes a month in net income of four thousand or five thousand yuan witkey.

pig Witkey network manager Ding Ran said: "many similar success stories, which prompted many college students feel the importance of the ability to exercise their own, so there are more and more college students witkey."

Witkey website is more and more.