Housewives online shop selling eggs into the moon million

Housewives online shop selling eggs into the moon million

open a shop, but also to take care of children, but also income." Wang Jin, who lives in Longgang, Bantian, more than two months to review the experience of the shop, more sure that their choice is correct. Yesterday, Ms. Wang told reporters that she started her own business from the store to shop.

housewives find work hard

Wang Jin

graduated from the University in 2006 and later to Shenzhen, Hongkong in Shenzhen city an accounting firm as an accountant, work hard, but every day to and from the company and home, she spent a lot of time and energy. Working in Shenzhen for more than a year, Wang Jin married pregnant. Wang Jin resigned from the cost of physical and financial work at home at ease to be produced. After the child was born, Wang Jin continued to stay at home as a stay-at-home mom, he nursed back to postpartum weakness of the body, while taking care of children and families. Until the child is 1 years old, Wang Jin realized that to find a job, but also reduce the burden on her husband.

Wang Jin told reporters that she could only find professional work in the clearance, and can be in customs, if you continue before the bus that day, came home from work, very difficult to have the energy to take care of the family, and her experience is shallow, a few months down, has not found a suitable job. In the work of unfunded situation, Wang Jin thought of their own business.

has just started, Wang Jin thought of the store, can run for a period of time in the market, to compare to, all the store costs are very high, especially in the department store in the store, but also the business income to return to the Department store. A calculation, Wang Jin or give up the idea of opening the store.

online specialty store opened into the yuan

Wang Jin said, sometimes also want to do business luck. One day, the neighbor took a few eggs to give her baby to eat, said to buy eggs on the Internet, 1.2 yuan a. Wang Jin had an idea, he immediately thought of the specialty of business, after taking into account various factors and characteristics of transportation, Wang Jin decided to do business in Xinjiang specialty. Through contact with friends in Xinjiang, a friend to help her find a dealer in Xinjiang, and let friends sent some samples over, Wang Jin feel pretty good, began ordering.

first cargo is not much, the goods arrived that night, she began to take pictures in the forum post. After the end of the post, Wang Jin said, her mood is excited and uneasy. Half an hour later, a girl called to 2 pounds of Xinjiang walnut, near her home. Wang Jin is very happy, this just remember not to buy scales, so take the walnut to the fruit and vegetable shop downstairs, borrow the scale of the others said, personally will walnut to the girl’s home.

specialty store officially opened online business, Wang Jin said, she answered very patiently every customer consultation, products sold, will consult the views of customers, in the home near the customer orders, she personally delivered a courier, province. Just two months, Wang Jin has soared from zero to the four star buyers. According to her, before the Spring Festival, she opened the shop to earn a million dollars, get a lot of support of users’

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