WeChat emerged from the media to make money restless

WeChat emerged from the media to make money restless

WeChat opened a public account, write analysis or gossip about the industry, WeChat users back and forth interaction, this is a very easy thing. Right now, WeChat seems to be getting heavier and heavier.


can persist in a year from the media, since the media is very rare; people can persist for 10 years, was a great man". Operation ghost foot seven WeChat account, Taobao search in the inauguration of the 2 said.

in the past year, the size of WeChat users soaring. WeChat public platform itself to reach the precise characteristics, making WeChat a natural media platform. More than one, since the broadcast, a lot of people from other platforms, such as micro-blog migration, WeChat started from the media.

The first wave of

early adopters from the media groups from the TMT field of waterside pavilion. For a time, Luo Zhenyu from the original inauguration of the CCTV to the twenty-first Century economic report Reporter Zeng navigation, only of the financial media circle account has been more than and 30. They opened the account, such as "Luo Ji Thinking", "cloud technology", "mobile Tucao", "science and technology observation", "cottage conference" and so on. Another account belongs to the Internet Product Manager or entrepreneur. Such as "ghost foot seven" and "hearsay". They are good at expression, have their own unique views on the industry, there is a personal style of writing, in the industry has a certain appeal, fans can continue to cause onlookers, is the so-called charm personality body.

during this period, Cheng Ling Feng "cloud technology" account vip.com, Sohu and other companies have received advertising orders, greatly stimulated the peer group, a time WeChat since the commercialization of media seems to be in sight. For the purpose of common development and growth, they also launched many from the media alliance, in order to achieve Baotuan survival.

of people from the media for several months early adopters, exploring the WeChat media properties, promotion and various commercial understanding attempt seems to make people more clear from the media WeChat. Under the control of the rapid development of the mobile Internet, has learned from the media people in the intersection of confidence and worry, is entering a restless period. They are trying to overcome the difficulties, out of a single business model, looking for more possibilities.

can not miss the WeChat public platform

must say that in a time of rapid change in the mobile Internet, restlessness seems to be safer than slow.

2012, WeChat users jumped from 100 million to a year in the year of 300 million, people live on WeChat increased time, WeChat’s media properties gradually revealed.

"whether the user base, or a chain of social relationships, it is difficult to have a new platform has more than WeChat’s advantage is richly endowed by nature, which has almost become the mobile Internet startup must use a first platform." Su Juan said. She opened her life "searches on WeChat, the main female emotional marketing.

from the second half of last year, the new WeChat public

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