Revenue from 0 to 100 a Taobao customer’s bitter journey

Revenue from 0 to 100 a Taobao customer’s bitter journey


, the name has been for having heard it many times. But at the beginning, I remember when I first started, Taobao guest is not known to many people. I played last year, through a friend, began his first Taobao guest website, it is a very simple website, just record some sales of large, high credibility of the store address, get a promotion on Ali mother code, and then put on my page by HTML. Remember that the web page is I use Notepad pure compiled HTML get, for DIV+CSS know nothing about. In order to increase the appearance of the interface, every day to find web material, although the page is beautiful, but it looks like an amateur personal website.

has been operating for about half a year. We are not afraid of jokes, because he did not know how SEO, more than half a year’s time Taobao union income was only 0.7 yuan. Yeah, that’s 7 cents. I think now I really do not know what is supporting themselves to the present. In fact, there are more shameful thing, I printed a name card to send, to the last penny income are not. But he had also passed this way, parents every day in the ear saying that this is not what business like, I usually use "I this is to do marketing" s reply. In this way, I walked over.

later, by a charge guest program was found in the Internet, through the comparison of many aspects, finally determined to buy a. You know, I was the guest in the league or just the 7 cents. Program to buy, install, setup, beautify a series of procedures are finished, I am pleased to see the erection of a good web site, a fantasy of their own money in Amoy alliance……

reality is always cruel, a month later, my income is still 7 hair. This time I began to think that, with the help of a friend, also assumes that the affiliated BLOG Tao website, through a variety of ways to publicize the website. But this time there is no income, I began to despair. I began to feel that this Taobao is not a deceptive thing, is it natural for me to do this?. From here, I collected a lot of SEO technical knowledge, do keyword optimization, do sitemap, a series of things that I found myself was really wasted too much time. Gradually I have mastered some of the knowledge of SEO, and not on the net Hu Hu propaganda. I began to have the purpose of publicity, set up the chain, etc.. Finally one day, I looked at the account 9 8 basic income, she cried. Ha-ha。

now, every day I basically have hundreds of yuan income, and has started his own second Amoy net net purchase of the beautiful. Before the site has been handed over to the SEO team to help me do. Up to now I found that, in fact, their choice has not been wrong, but their own lack of experience in the SEO. Here I advise you webmaster, give up group, give up the black chain like way, God is fair, as long as you work hard, will surely return



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