Wangzhuan reflection Why are you poor on the nternet

Wangzhuan reflection Why are you poor on the nternet

and a few friends talking about problems we all think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, very difficult. Discussion to discuss, this problem has become a problem without results. Then we narrowed the subject: (on the Internet) why are you poor?.

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan do manual work

there is no disrespect for people who do manual work. I’m just talking about the fact that low paying jobs are mostly repetitive physical activity.

so-called repetitive physical activity, that is, anyone can do, there is no qualitative difference between people only the amount of difference. In real life, the construction site is the most obvious and most typical physical activity to gather. On the network, the most typical form of repetitive physical activity is to click on advertising to make money.

open the Google of "higher" word search results, we can find that in 10 the first page of search results, almost all in the introduction of "money" and "money" mail "surfing" money money "registered" etc.. The way to make money, admittedly, most are able to earn money, but worth it? If not cheating, by this way to make money, only for a few packs of cigarettes on their money, even to eat can not solve the problem. If the execution is poor, even if the electricity is not enough.

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan

do the wedding dress for others

if the labor stage Wangzhuan are minor, so open site traffic to a higher level. But most people in this level is poor, the reason is open site more traffic is doing the wedding dress for others.

website to do the main way to get the flow of revenue is to get advertising revenue. Specifically, it is in some way to get a lot of public traffic into their own website, and then through the way of advertising revenue. This is typical of the garbage station. Many personal webmaster using acquisition software to get a large number of articles to build a large number of websites to attract traffic income. As my article, if published on the Admin5 website, after a day’s time, will be hundreds of sites in the past.

open the site to get traffic is advertising revenue, since some people are willing to put in advertising, which illustrates a problem: the advertising revenue is greater than the cost of advertising. The income of the website is only the cost of advertising". Hard for most of the day, the real money is advertising, because open site traffic is just the wedding dress for others.

network is no reflection of the Wangzhuan


the reason why you will live from physical Wangzhuan beginning to open site traffic, the transition stage, because the Internet is actually a reflection of the real world. People on the Internet are also the real society, so the Internet is part of the real world, comply with the rules of the real world. In real life, the number of workers is the largest number of manual workers, for example, the number of farmers and blue collar workers is the largest. >

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