After 90 CEO Qi Junyuan work at least one hundred hours a week

After 90 CEO Qi Junyuan work at least one hundred hours a week

August 16th, Tencent products Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special held in Hangzhou, this article is to share the contents of Teambition CEO Qi Junyuan.

project collaboration tool Teambition, to help small and medium-sized entrepreneurial team, R & D institutions, educational institutions or student groups to reduce communication costs and improve work efficiency. Starting in June 2013, there are hundreds of thousands of projects on the current platform, and access to tens of millions of venture capital in Gobi A round of financing and a new round of u.s..

Tencent organization product home Salon: 90 entrepreneurs special, mainly to remind the world, including Tencent themselves, to learn after 90 entrepreneurs, a better understanding of 90, after 00.

below is the full text of Qi Junyuan’s speech.

a childhood dream is the Nobel prize

I started to start a business, like the venture, can help a lot of people, a lot of people, it is more meaningful than to stay in the laboratory to do experiments. That is because of my junior high school and senior high school is spent in the laboratory, my childhood dream is to become a scientist, want to make like the discovery of chromosome, find a new approach to cancer treatment, scientific research, and the Nobel prize, to let others remember me.

my father is a university professor, he has a great influence on me. His daily job is to apply for funds, do research, and then write a report. When I was a child, he wanted me to have some knowledge of scientific research, but also do not want to impose on the idea of me, there is nothing on the desk to put the "Scientific American" and the like, to guide myself to see. I’m starting to get interested in scientific research.


was in high school, I would love to tinker in the lab, always looking for the opportunity to stay in the lab, help the teacher to do odd jobs, some of the teachers are not willing to do the experiment, I will help to do. Then there was a chance that the teacher recommended me to join the children’s experimental station in the District, and then was selected to participate in a scientific research institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences – how to reduce the cost of detection of hepatitis.

When I was in high school in

, I took part in a research project at the Chinese Academy of sciences". This topic is very interesting. At that time the Shanghai wild zoo raised a few expensive and scarce Macaws, like "Rio" appeared in a big parrot, but a few years there has been no breeding of small parrots. The zoo is hoping to help match, but the parrot is single state bird, there is no way to distinguish from the appearance of their gender, unless implemented by complex test.

I led the task of the task force is to find the parrot does not suffer, do not take too long sex identification method. Through a series of experiments, we succeeded in finding a way to complete the identification by collecting a small amount of samples, the original time-consuming, large sample size of the process becomes easy and simple.

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