Free remittance Adsense Chinese to Western Union instructions

Free remittance Adsense Chinese to Western Union instructions

      National Day has released a message, said Google Adsense launched the Western Union payment, and not fee charge station. But many owners because the page is not found, do not believe this fact. Today, Adsense China official blog has published detailed statement.

      the following statement ( we can go to the official blog to see.):

      we are very pleased to announce that Google AdSense from this month, a new mode of payment, the remittance business!!! For the end of October 2007, you need to send the payment, you can choose to use the remittance way more convenient to receive your payment. The remittance business is China postal and Agricultural Bank China and the western United States joint Nationwide Financial Services Inc (hereinafter referred to as the Western Union Company) established in collaboration with international express personal remittance business, is a few minutes to reach the international remittance. At present, the country has 31 provinces (area / city) more than and 500 China postal outlets and Agricultural Bank Chinese outlets in the capital city and the main city opened the remittance business.

      the following list of issues we may be more concerned about:

      1 I need to extract the remittance fees?

      no, from the remittance is free! This means that you don’t have to wait for long in check and send the collection cycle at the same time, it can save a large number of bank collection costs


      2 who can use the remittance?

      type of account is a personal account of the publisher, and mailing address for the Chinese mainland (currently does not include Taiwan, Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Region), can use the remittance payment. For the Chinese mainland account type for the enterprise account publisher, currently only supports the payment method to send U.S. dollar checks.

      3 westernunion have what advantage?

      fast – remittance by the world’s most advanced technology in the world, real-time international remittance processing timeout of more than and 180 countries and regions. Cash in a few minutes can receive the payment.

      convenient remittance simple formalities. In China, relying on China Post

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