Zhou Hongyi as their own work a lifetime of work

Zhou Hongyi as their own work a lifetime of work

I think some people have misunderstanding of entrepreneurship. They start to understand several brothers started a company, go back to printing several boxes of name card, I called you call the chairman of the board of directors, chief executive officer, his classmates on the neck hung a CXO, the name is special, also do not know what that means. If the understanding of entrepreneurship is wrong.

I hope everyone to understand entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship as a state of mind, in order to achieve a goal, tireless pursuit. As long as you are not satisfied with the status quo, the idea of trying to break through, that is entrepreneurship. If you are a student, is engaged in the computer, if you are not satisfied with just the credit well, not satisfied with the exam well, but spent a lot of time to improve your programming skills, a great effort to study a lot of software, it is business. Learning is like this, the work is also the case, as long as you face up to the problem, the courage to solve the problem, the courage to take the risk of the future, which is actually entrepreneurial mentality.

if we start to understand that I went out to set up a company today, tomorrow, the day after the market value of more than Facebook, I’m sorry, never had such a successful example. In the world where there are so Everything is going smoothly. thing? Put you in the Great Plains of the boundless plain on your intuition along a straight line, but the view from the top down, you come out of the way is bent, is tortuous. Entrepreneurship is the same, although there is a goal in mind, but to achieve that goal, you have to solve a practical problem. The way of people is step by step, and this road is not a straight line.

in China is the case, the environment is too complicated. Especially in the early stages of entrepreneurship, you have no experience, no resources, the innovation in your mind may be just an idea, an idea, but if not, it is nothing. However, to achieve this idea, the idea, you need to have the judgment, the need for experience, the need for knowledge. So, I have been advocating just graduated college students, don’t mind the heat to save a company, the best way is to join a start-up company, seed companies can even join a great risk, to learn entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience.

a lot of people say, I join other people’s company, then I will not become a work of it?. Wrong, if you feel that they are working, then you have a lifetime of work. Others think you are not working, this is not important. It is important that you do not think of yourself as a part-time job, from a different point of view, is the company to pay you for your tuition fees, practice your own ability and experience. You meet a product manager, a technical expert, or a company founder, and learn from them the experience of success, or even the lessons of failure. If you join the company, after the company two years dead, congratulations to you, you didn’t get a cent loss, you participate in a living example, from birth to death, you can avoid making the same mistakes. You don’t spend a penny, you make a public

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