After the SP era of personal website collective lost

After the SP era of personal website collective lost

April 20th, Cai Wensheng to host a conference in Xiamen, china. When he saw the final invitation list, he felt something.

was the most famous China laocai personal webmaster. Although his website, .com, has made a huge investment, has hundreds of employees, and is based in Beijing’s most popular CBD, is no longer a small workshop in the past. But he still likes to be dubbed the title of personal webmaster, the annual meeting of the owners, but also a lot of personal communication as a feast for the owners.

but this year is different. Because compared with last year, more than 40% of the personal webmaster has disappeared on the invitation list. "Personal website is really fast." Laocai told the "Financial Times" said with emotion.

actually, domestic another "hardcore" webmaster in the change felt chill.

Zhang Zhengjun, the name "graph king", were removed in the personal webmaster circles for many years, as with a great reputation. But he is now pessimistic about the prospects for personal websites. In his management of the network (, almost every day in the sale of their own cheap website.

"many webmasters have left the industry. Just like the pager to withdraw from the stage of history, Chinese personal website will die in the next five years." In March 19th, chapter Zhengjun is not standard Mandarin speaking on the phone. At the end of last year, he also published a similar point of view on the Internet, but also in the circle of domestic circles caused no small controversy.

"Who the Webmaster killed? (who killed a personal webmaster) in January 2007, a well-known foreign blog also made a similar point of view. The blog’s point of view is that the technology to accelerate the division of labor, personal webmaster can not be competent for all the work of the site; especially the rise of Web 2, so that people can create their own content, the result is "who needs the webmaster?"

, however, compared with foreign countries, China’s personal website encounter too many different.

review the former glory

than the personal website of the "brilliant" period, many personal webmaster have the feeling as if a generation had passed. Today is really a great contrast control.

Zhang Zhengjun recalled that two years ago, the site is also very popular. Especially the URL, entertainment, download site, although the number of disaster caused by flooding water, but still can not stop the enthusiasm of each individual station appearance of plagiarism. Because at that time, these sites are most likely to get traffic, and traffic can directly bring income."

2002 Zhang Zhengjun began to do a website, did not find the website can make money. Until one day, my picture site reached 20 thousand IP traffic, there is a lottery to give me a monthly investment of $600 advertising." The money into the bank card, chapter Zhengjun checked several times, dare to believe that it is true.

then, Zhengjun out > Chapter

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