Small website will become the main body of e commerce

Small website will become the main body of e commerce

In April 12th, CEO said the classified information website Kijiji Wang Jianshuo told the media in Beijing, the small website will become the main body of the electronic commerce, and classification will be a sword to revitalize the market.

Wang Jianshuo will present the domestic online advertising market called " money leakage model " this model, still rely on " giving major manufacturers of ":VC the first part of the site to vote the money after the site with advertising alliance issued to tens of thousands of small sites. Wang Jianshuo believes that this concentration of the market is not conducive to the healthy development of the internet.

Wang Jianshuo said that if this model upside down, allowing users to pay for the Internet service bottom-up, in order to revitalize the entire Internet market. In addition, he will also grasp the first-hand information of small sites compared to the electronic commerce " Zhenjinbaiyin, " to put them directly into the market, there will be a win-win situation.

" in the next five years, the entire Internet will be focused on the distribution of " Wang Jianshuo predicted that the classification of e-commerce, as the most basic way to organize information, will be more effective than search.

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