What are the ways to make money

What are the ways to make money

said I have little talent and less learning is not very good, perhaps, for the old station is a pediatrician, but for the novice can learn about.

network to make money a lot of ways, not just through the site to make money, other ways can also be. Of course, as a webmaster, through the site is the most direct profit. If your site is not very influential, we usually find some advertising alliance to do. Baidu about advertising alliance, the results may also show you very happy and very confused:

Too much

information — this is like, what a choice — worry. In fact, the advertising alliance is the key word to do up, a lot of big web sites are not ranked in the league, on the contrary, those who are not honest advertising alliance is among the best. So in the future to advertise for novice or advertising alliance can consult other webmaster or find a similar site to see what others do website advertising, Baidu’s not worth thousands of IP to try their integrity.

What are some of the

‘s advertising alliances and what types of ads are there?

terminology would not move out, there are types of pay per click, according to show time to pay, according to the mobile phone, downloads, recommended money, registration fee, to buy into, according to traffic fee, for others to do their own horse, champion, monthly advertising.

talk about click pay:

Click to pay is when others browse your site, click on your ad, the ad may be worth 1 or 2, then the advertising alliance will give you money. There are more influential Baidu, YAHOO, Sogou, as well as GOOGLE. To note here is that you don’t fancy, don’t you, don’t let your friends give you a little, if he is too enthusiastic, you’re screwed. Click rate is best not more than 5%, those who have the background of the background of the show, you can see.

also pay attention to the requirements of their advertising sites, such as do not like * * website, or your advertising page traffic from * * website. Once again warned, do not take you hard to do up flow to test the above four league IQ, they have a search engine, account closure does not say, your station was closed you can scold, scold what can you do?

by the time of the show is generally paid video ads, and now is not a lot of alliances in doing this, if your station to retain the user’s time is not very long, it is recommended not to do this.

mobile phone download class:

this is really called "the world does not have a free lunch," the Internet to see those free movies, in fact, are to collect fees, but also a lot of it, the same, we can also earn from this. General picture station, health education, those high traffic, the user has the special needs of the station is suitable to do this, the success of a 5 to 6 yuan on demand. There is a ringtone download, Mobile Games >

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