How to get revenue from navigation website

How to get revenue from navigation website

navigation station is hard to do now. The navigation station profit model are generally: these ads, with the flow to other businesses, advertising is still the best profit model, but the site must give people a simple and natural feeling generous, so not to return, in the "too many ads; again, is that put the search engine in the station on the search box, and then take a percentage of the search engine, which of course is based on your site traffic on the basis can be charged according to time, for example, how much money a year, can also according to the amount of search billing, general search engine providers use some technology to these statistics, but as a webmaster, we can’t get, so according to the time from the search engine’s commission is still the best choice; similarly, you get commission from the station on the other site.

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with all the work you need to put the website traffic up, and, although it is in order to profit and to do a website, but not stubborn, thinking about how to get, try on your site without affecting the style, to provide some special things, such as free stuff, practical what interesting things, so, your site will be more and more people are willing to set your home page, there will be more and more large is willing to cooperate with you, to pay you.

many professionals do not know why HAO123 is more unexpected, Baidu will be spending billions of dollars in the bag. Honestly, last year before I had heard of this web site, not to think of this is a page URL of the website are densely cluttered with rough, could be a monthly income of millions. Most people in the IT industry are not consciously overestimated the user level and application level of China’s Internet, and like HAO123 and .com to earn money this site, just not IT people do. This is a good explanation.

navigation station, Yahoo! Is the originator, until today, web site directory (Web Site Directory) still occupies a significant position in its home page. In the past, Yahoo has also produced a Internet magazine "Yahoo Internet Life" (published by Ziff Davis), is also a site navigation nature, the introduction of some of the characteristics of the site and the Internet culture. In 1996, I also received a few free subscription to the magazine, the magazine ceased publication in 2002. Now, YAHOO’s catalog has become an integral part of the search engine.

Google also has its own directory, but it uses the Netscape Dmoz Open Directory Project (Open Directory Project).

actually, Sohu is also the first to start from the catalog. However, the classification of the directory of the organization of the site, does not seem to fit the needs of Chinese Internet users. As the Internet becomes more and more popular in China, more and more people who have no technical background are on the Internet

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