How to choose a good Adsense Adsense

How to choose a good Adsense Adsense

advertising alliance in recent years along with the development of the Internet, showing a mixed situation.

One end of

SP era make personal Adsense in advertising alliance on income fell sharply. At that time, there was a saying: 2000IP you can sit at home every day to count the money. But now you are not necessarily 20000IP every day a few money. So in the flow of traffic is not "expensive as oil" period to choose a good advertising alliance is particularly important.

first of all to understand the means of advertising alliance pit webmaster, nothing more than the following: 1 Deduction of the amount of 2 of the unit price of 3 in arrears with the money to carry the foot of the road 5 no reason to close account

so how can we choose a more desirable alliance?

1 when choosing an alliance to search relevant information, to see if there is no negative news, general alliance now has negative news, so you have to look at the negative degree, and then weigh.

2 into the Union home page to see how the site to do. General spam sites do not do so.

3 see

payment information is not the implementation of the update announcement, if the payment information appears in the middle of discontinuous (non periodic) or long-term not update, then you close the other station.

4 to see if there is a record, check the record information is true. In addition to look at other documents, such as business license, but this is not a lot of publicity alliance, only as a reference.

5 look at the number of page suspension customer service QQ, or other instant messaging tools. General major league suspension are more, small general 1-3. And without division.

Is there a fixed telephone number in

6, is there a single or two? Is there a telephone division?.

7 registered members went to see how much money advertising for you to choose from, providing advertisers see business or major activities or personal webmaster, if the individual owners then take care.

8 with the same advertising position in several advertising alliance to take the same type of advertising for a period of time to look at, to see which shows a high amount of clicks and a good price, compare. Of course, this hair is stupid.

In addition

advertising is a skill, you must first see your website which occupy most of the flow of age groups, or what type of users, such as games, beauty, slimming and so on. Do you want to seize this group of ads targeted to do. If your site is to do beauty, then throw a sell iron and steel advertising certainly bad results. This article expounds on the advertising optimization.

if you are a novice webmaster, very new and very new. You cannot read what I said above, then you have to find a alliance to do real.

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