Lu Songsong 7 Google AdSense optimization tips

Lu Songsong 7 Google AdSense optimization tips

online has been a lot of articles on the optimization of Google AdSense skills, read, learn, and practice, some suitable, some are not suitable for. Coupled with this period of time, the price of AdSense are generally improved, and I also pay close attention to the optimization of some of the used AdSense optimization techniques, we hope to have a reference.

(let your Adsense ads and content more match)

1: let the site keyword advertising more prominent

a lot of websites to attract eyeballs with a lot of pictures, by keyword advertising are overshadowed the limelight, but through the AdSense data Lu Songsong blog that text keyword advertising than Flash, pictures, animation, media image ads are much better, whether it is "web page views" and "clicks" or "income" is the highest.

no matter what others say, I suggest to do AdSense webmaster to optimize text ads on their own, or in part in the AdSense code "type of advertising" set "text only ads", like cnBeta, can increase the font size, text ads is look more prominent, let them become the page core.

(cnBeta content page AdSense, advertising content is very prominent, it is worthy of imitation learning)

2: remove the ad frame

in your AdSense ad code, the default advertising is a frame, but the frame will make your page look cluttered, let visitors away from your advertisement, because there is no part of the content page frame.

simply set, you can put AdSense into the background frame removed, "I" of the ads, the corresponding advertising code found in the palette, the "frame" and "background" and "set to the same color. If you do not know the color value, you can use the screen color picker to get their color values.

(using the color picker to set the border and background color values to the same as the content page)

3: how to handle link styles

, as shown above, the above text is more likely to make you want to click on the Internet to do the most thing is to click on the hyperlink. If a place can click, then we should clearly tell him.

The same is true of the

AdSense ad, which allows you to make links to the same color as the ad summary, and people’s eyes will be attracted to text with hyperlinks.

4: deliberately highlight advertising

from Cnb>

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