Data picture = show VODone alliance good or bad self debate

Data picture = show VODone alliance good or bad self debate

things about first league and day ip4w multi. This flow do VODone, about 120 per day – the actual input, statistics about ten days. (if the actual flow similar website probably can do about 200 every day, there are pictures and data shows that the deduction amount behind



12.21, received the following message:

webmaster Hello: your website is not in accordance with the first video network for placement, but will the player in the only promotion code without other content pages, such as Please modify before December 23, 2007, otherwise it will stop the current settlement commission.

here needs to be noted that the current commission settlement is to stop the settlement of all the sites under your user name Commission settlement. For example, if you have two or more sites in your name, one of which is illegal and there is no change in the revision period, then we will deduct the current commission for all the sites in your name.

yes, this is my negligence, really through this page and then iframe to call the code. When I do not know, I in the station on the evening of 22 revision generating station page, directly call VODone provided by script code.

we all know that the purpose is to show on the specific content of the page, in order to match the content of the site to provide the appropriate advertising. Therefore, I did not expect to delete Obviously, the station without linking and embedding this page, this page will not have traffic, but this page is actually exist, and I have no need to delete this page is my mistake. (right and wrong is clear, we look at the eyes to know, there is no need to cover up)

25 more than 2 in the evening, received the following message:

long Hello:

first, thank you very much for your attention and support for the first video network


as a result of your website violation, last week has been sent through the station letter to ask you to modify the notification, but you did not follow the notification requirements in a timely manner to adjust. Therefore, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the first video network deduction of your current commission. I hope you modify before December 30th, otherwise the first video network will be the site blacklisted, and stop cooperation with the web site.

26 I give vodone324 number >

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