Twitter venture years

Twitter venture years

reviews some of the company’s early stories on twitter IPO.


critical moment: the Internet is low when the twitter network service products to A new force suddenly rises., minimalism and the ultimate win attention, win the market. At this time, the competition is fierce, the opponent is strong, twitter sometimes thrown into the air in the competition, and sometimes fall into the valley.

key choice: Twitter and apple iPhone complement each other, the young people become the Internet’s love. It is a center with the user, for the user to solve problems, the frequent downtime as the main obstacles to overcome, not only to overcome the difficulties, but also won the heart of the user.

key strategy: to win the market with passion and difficulty. Twitter treats every crisis, every opponent as an inevitable experience of their own growth and combat partners.

strategy results: today, Twitter announced the IPO pricing range, said it would sell $17 to $20 per share price of $70 million. According to this calculation, Twitter in the IPO transaction is the largest valuation of $10 billion 900 million. Moreover, IPO has become the only way for further development of twitter.

twitter (Twitter) is one of the oldest onomatopoeia words, vibration simulation cricket when the voice of the modern people, just shook with excitement, and makes the information explosion with short focus meaning. On twitter IPO mouth, and then recall it on the Internet at low tide of entrepreneurial experience, in the competition to win the market in the process of life and growth in nature and innovation.

day, Jack · Dorsey (which later became twitter co-founder Odeo CEO) and podcasting company Evan · Williams (later to become Twitter’s co-founder and chief executive officer) sitting in the corner of the park to eat, chat is what new ideas can make the stagnant Odeo company adopted. Chatting, Jack suddenly remembered that he had sent a few years ago, the information was stranded in Gold Gate Park service. Although the experience was not successful, but Jack believes that in the complex urban life, simplify the communication between people and the effective way to share the idea of creativity is correct.

Jack thought excitedly, and immediately seized the opportunity to show his boss Like a ray of light in the dark, Evan · Williams expressed a keen interest in the idea.

then a week of brainstorming, Jack will be the first concept to do the adjustment, combine it with the message, and put into the minimalist. In the discussion, the author puts forward the concept of Twitter’s original service: the short message to send what he is doing, and to the people who are interested in it. Jack concluded that everything is as simple as possible, this is our difference

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