The 24 year old entrepreneur four years worth of new wealth sitting on tens of millions of entrepren

The 24 year old entrepreneur four years worth of new wealth sitting on tens of millions of entrepren

informal route "fast" business at the age of 24 Zhang Jinrui four years with

million net worth wealth

19 years old with 500 yuan investment started at the age of 20, net worth of 300 thousand yuan, 22 years old 24 years old have assets of millions, tens of millions of assets of enterprises and the number of subsidiaries; suspension, entrepreneurship, failure and success, entrepreneurs, 85, luxury cars, villas tall, rich and handsome… These seemingly unrelated label is composed of a what kind of life?

in 2007 at the age of 19 with 500 yuan investment to open Lexmark kennels, luckypai self photo gallery in 2011 swept the country caused a media sensation, Zhang Jinrui with astonishing speed in the creation of a miracle. In 2013, he was free to give up already has more than 100 stores the luckypai self studio CEO post, once again aroused public opinion climax. Subsequently, his investment of 100 million yuan and Cheng Yi letter (Group) Co. Ltd was awarded the American excellent snow ice cream products Chinese distributor, it also opens a new chapter in the development of his career.

he is Zhang Jinrui, a 85 year after the entrepreneur, Chinese rookie entrepreneurs, won the nomination of the top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs in Henan. From 500 yuan to tens of millions of assets, start on the road of development by leaps and bounds, dazzling behind so that we can not help but to explore his thoughts.

is a well-known entrepreneur, the face of handsome young man with a good first impression. And behind him hung a written "God helps those who help themselves" in calligraphy and painting, inevitably reminiscent of Zhang Jinrui hard along the way and to.

start to have large new ideas

Zhang Jinrui’s success, opportunity or success password itself? Many entrepreneurs feel difficult to choose a project, so how to choose

Jinrui project?

reporter: your business experience is very rich, in the choice of project, and choose how you think? You like Lexmark, in recent years the kennel luckypai self photo gallery and the latest excellent snow products three projects in the industry span is great, the project selection process you value what factors


Zhang Jinrui: in fact, these three projects in what I did not seem very different, in essence, is to meet customer demand in some areas, and the market is lack of good product to meet this demand, this is our lack of market opportunities. Now the business community is full of opportunities, because there are too many traditional industries can use new technology and ideas to transform, make it more suitable for the needs of the market. I always believe that as long as the accurate control of market demand, and to meet this demand, can be recognized by the market and get good returns.

reporter: in the face of numerous markets, as a former college entrepreneur, how do you think of these projects innovative model of it?

Zhang Jinrui: it’s important to observe. I love to make friends, too early

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