The consumer downturn fell online advertising market in the United States

The consumer downturn fell online advertising market in the United States

"Wall Street daily" network edition today cut the article said, according to a market research firm comScore released this week on the search advertising research report shows that the Internet advertising market by consumer spending to reduce the impact of the more serious than expected.

Google and YAHOO both fell

this research report shows that in January this year, Google search ad clicks fell, which amplifies the current recession in the United States has a negative impact on the Internet worries. But many online advertising professionals but this bearish fears, that advertising consumer spending is shifting from traditional media to the Internet, any economic recession will be offset by the transfer. Google CEO Eric – (Eric), in January 31st, the company announced in the fourth quarter of last year, when the earnings report, said the company did not see any impact on the economy of its impact on the Schmidt. But some investors and analysts have been raising concerns in recent months that the weakness in consumer spending will hurt online advertising.

data released to customers on Monday showed that in January compared with last year in December, the number of U.S. consumers click on the side of the Google search page advertising fell by 7%, the number of ComScore. January hits decreased by 0.3% compared to the same period in 2007. In December last year, compared with a 7% decline in November. Google in accordance with the number of users to click on the text of the ad to the advertiser to charge the cost of advertising, the decline in the amount of advertising means that the decline in Google revenue. ComScore’s report also shows that YAHOO’s January search ad clicks fell 1% compared to last year in December, while the same period, Microsoft’s clicks increased by 4%.

was dragged down by the news, Google shares fell $22.25 on the Nasdaq stock market on Tuesday, fell to $464.19 per share, down to $4.6%. Google shares closed Tuesday and 52 weeks to share price peak ratio has fallen by 38%.

bad degree is not as serious as imagined

some analysts said that comScore’s latest research figures may exaggerate the downturn and the degree of online search advertising. JP Morgan analyst Imran Khan – Internet (Imran Khan) in a research report pointed out, there are differences between the research data and Google comScore published their own performance data.

RBC Capital Markets Internet analyst Jordan Lohan (Jordan Rohan) believes that investors in the data reflect the "excessive", says each search revenue data from these studies did not take into account the price growth caused by the. Lohan said that RBC’s search advertisers survey showed that their advertising spending in January fell after the February ad spending is increasing. Lohan said in an interview: "the first quarter may not"

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