Don’t let the term entrepreneurship waste my youth

Don’t let the term entrepreneurship waste my youth

about four years after graduation, Su Heng obviously did not reach the desired height. Remember that when we eat dinner and all the time for the future, we are full of longing, and now still struggling in the beginning of the line. Of course, this does not mean that suheng lost their confidence for business owners, because there are too many artists around me examples, some of them do a website is 3 or 4 years, although there is no profit but always adhere to. But all this does not prove that any novice needs 4 years to wait, if you can master to develop certain skills, so in less than 4 years to realize his dream is not possible. And this one, he summed up the suheng did not recognize the place to take, for everyone to share, please paizhuan.

entrepreneurs need aggressive, if not illegal potential, what the project can try

why entrepreneurial population concentrated in about 30 years, because people in this age group are aggressive, and to business success, no who is clearly not enough, because in front of us is not prepared for any fresh market, everything starts from scratch, no strong willpower I think no one can stick. When it comes to this, we have to say their own entrepreneurial projects, most of the time we start the preference of the trend of the times, such as Taobao in 2009, when it is safe to thrive, some friends and I just think of going to get involved, but in the last year, Baidu Taobao NEW regulations on the punishment made us waste sites the website has lost the power of development, whereas after graduating from university in shorthand students development is better, in fact, four years ago, who can think of is a shorthand for the rapid development of the industry, since the recording pen to why shorthand, and it is this knowledge gap makes us with journalism, but have a different life. So for some potential and emerging market we must not miss.

education this thing, when the business is not worth 10 Fen

a lot of entrepreneurial friends at the beginning of the business, that he is a university graduate, with a good knowledge base, then the time of entrepreneurship can be less effort than others, more successful harvest. Not only that, they have no respect for those who have a low starting point or not as good as their own. This example suheng saw not a two times, which I don’t want to evaluate what, just want to say some people outside, there are mountains, we do not advocate his diploma in entrepreneurship, this thing is not worth a hair in the business, no one will because your degree as to cooperate with you, they value your ability and foundation, people without a degree can’t success, so Li Jiacheng what will happen? So when entrepreneurs do not self-willed, must be good at learning from the lower starting point, although they are not as good as you, but 4 years later. 10 years later, what will happen? Who are not allowed to say, good at learning is the inexhaustible motive force for our progress.


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