Some problems need to pay attention to the flow of advertising do Wangzhuan station

Some problems need to pay attention to the flow of advertising do Wangzhuan station

ads on the web site visitors are very offensive, in addition to advertising business, I do not think few people like to see the ad. Now a lot of Web site, the content is only a little poor, advertising is very substantial. Like a few recent acquisition of Baidu know a few sites, a lot of long tail keywords ranking good, point into can’t find the content, the whole page is advertising. The advertisement packing phenomenon is a common problem many novice webmaster, because there is no site experience, no data analysis, do not know how to use the existing data analysis and improvement, the website traffic more into advertising revenue. Here, we classify several sites. Hope to help.

1, join link station

this kind of website to Taobao site. Like a huge shopping network, there is nothing inside, but it is the link of others, other people’s goods, throw these, nothing. Many advertising alliance also provides such links. To say that such sites do not make money, the answer is certainly yes. If you are the first to stay, of course, to make money. Like our Taobao website. However, one thing to note is that most of these sites are to collect other people’s content, but also the total collection, it is easy to be K, but also to do a huge amount of energy expended. If you want to do this kind of site. There is no good link resources and SEO resources are difficult to maintain.

2, Banner website

look at the webmaster network and other similar consulting, industry website, the first screen has a lot of banner, the so-called banner advertising. Professional point of the site, basically put the content of the site is similar to the ads, not professional, what are, disorganized. This can be learned under the practice of some shopping e-commerce sites, is not to pile up banner together. Insert the banner banner between the columns of the article. For the effect of good, click on the high rate of the banner, you can repeat the laying of the method, does not appear in the same screen, the use of this method to emphasize advertising.

3, the industry website advertising

industry website advertising, general Adsense is generally put professional content advertising. However, the insertion of appropriate other ads, the effect will be better. Before a friend to do the novel station, basically put Dangdang advertising, selling books, but also in the insertion of the two weight loss advertising, although not particularly conspicuous, but the high click rate. Perhaps this difference, arouse people’s curiosity.

website how to place advertising is the door of knowledge, you need to be based on your data analysis, to modify, in order to earn more money.

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