Talking about how to make the Google free advertising account becomes available

Talking about how to make the Google free advertising account becomes available

believes that most of the friends who can come in and see this article are very familiar with and understand the Google advertising. However, in order to take care of a small number of new friends, or to do it under the popularization of knowledge. What is the Google advertising account? It has a school named Google Adwords, simply by buying some keyword advertising, users in the search for these keywords in your ad will be shown, click users interested in advertising, you consume some advertising costs for customers. Your site to get the flow of the same time, customers generate consumption, you gain. If you do not understand the Google search can be used to lose weight, the right and the top of the link is Google advertising.

how to get Google free advertising account, in fact, had long wanted to use Google advertising to do the promotion, but their own site traffic, income is still stable, plus advertising need to invest, so it has repeatedly stranded. Until a former colleague told me that Google is now providing an internal advertising test account, registration can be free access to 350 yuan advertising fees, and no restrictions. I think the opportunity is rare, according to colleagues to quickly address the internal registration.

failed to register for the first time. The main reason is that Google advertising account must have their own web site, and there is a phone number has never applied for the account number. And I do not want to use their own web site to do the test, because it can not count the source of income, it can not test the effectiveness of advertising. Their phone number scrapped, the second borrowed a friend often do not use the phone card. But there is no website how to do? Fortunately, I think it is more intelligent, think about 10 minutes after the solution. Test registration, Google customer service call, answer questions, registration success, 350 yuan advertising fees hand.

how to free advertising costs into their own income, Google gave us just a free 350 yuan advertising account. This account can not be transferred, two can not be directly into money. Some people have packed a project before, but that method has been sealed by Google. Practice shows that Google want to drill loopholes, it is difficult to. So the only way out is honest consumer advertising, and through advertising to attract target customers to gain. The following is entered, summary at present several possible consumption way ad revenue.

1, itself has advertising needs

if you need to use the Google itself to pay to do website promotion advertising words, congratulations to you, as long as this 350 yuan to consume you cash. Because Google free account for you to save 350 yuan, it is equivalent to you earned $350.

2, do Google bidding

Google for the majority of people are not unfamiliar, essay search "lose weight", "breast" >

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