Yao Jinbo 35 years will invest 1 billion investment M & A

Yao Jinbo 35 years will invest 1 billion investment M & A

May 5th news, in today’s GMIC global mobile Internet Conference, CEO Yao Jinbo 58 city accepted the NetEase technology interview, Yao Jinbo said that the new business incubator and investment acquisitions will become the 58 city of the second legs, the next 3-5 years will be in this area will invest $1 billion.

Yao Jinbo said, for entrepreneurs, 58 city itself has done well in the business, such as rent, blue collar recruitment, trading second-hand goods, second-hand car and other aspects of the opportunity to have more and more small, but also in the car, cost, housekeeping and other segments of some company rise, 58 city to invest or buy them.

Yao Jinbo said, the 58 city in addition to the money, also can give users, traffic, and the 58 city line layout, through the acquisition of new business incubators and investment in the next 35 years to $1 billion, 58 city life service, O2O may become one of the largest and most active market forces.

is the following NetEase science and technology dialogue 58 city CEO Yao Yao record:

NetEase science and technology: this year I saw us on a "real estate season", and now almost a month, the current situation of this activity?

Yao Jinbo: our real estate season mainly to encourage everyone through the mobile Internet to find housing, should be said to have had the unexpected effect of this way to many of the original is not through the Internet to find housing dragged onto the Internet, we in addition to the activities through cash subsidies, stimulate him beyond him, also played a lot of outdoor the line advertising, we hope to develop a user with a mobile phone to rent a house, find a house of habits, this data than the same period last year, nearly double the growth.

NetEase science and technology: before I see it is said to use three hundred million in the user and the real estate broker this, has invested much?

Yao Jinbo: the event is not over, we have not seen the data, the overall user participation is more than we think.

NetEase Technology: in the investment will exceed

Yao Jinbo: if it’s beyond us.

NetEase science and technology: 58 city spent heavily in real estate, in other recruitment, life services will also do similar inputs


Yao Jinbo: there are three activities every year, real estate season, the recruiting season, but also our life service season, real estate season season has just mentioned, the operation is very good, is the general recruiting season every summer, students leave school before we do, the recruiting season, last year has been done once, there are more than two million enterprises in the recruitment of 58 within a month, the basic service is free, not only do we do not pay attention to other real estate season, recruiting season, service life also, we call "Chinese good business selection, such activities will continue to do. And in May 8th we will have a special surprise for all 58 users, because of the city of 58, we define the year of May 8th as

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