English station combat operations 1 notes rational money

English station combat operations 1 notes rational money

how to do a lot of English friends recently came to ask me how to make money through English stand skills and experience. In fact, I do not have to stand in the English language station has no experience and skills to do English stand on their own imitation and pondering, innovation. If the new train of thought about English station operation even if the broken thing, but in some of the experience of others on the upgrade, because people can get their successful experience, it may not be able to stand on the success, so it must be to paraphrase English station using the ideas, can not completely imitate, without their own characteristics. So Deng Gong in socialism before adding a "feature", China’s 30 years is so rapid. It is obvious that the experience of learning English can be done, but not all of them should be used flexibly. (Note: do not copy, self defeating, learning ideas is the first

)This is the first report of

English station, broken thing here ready to write 10 articles about "English station of combat operations" rational text notes: money. When you give attention to breaking a friend of the experience of an exchange and I stand for several years of English thinking. Some of the secrets within the circle is also appropriate to do some sharing. If you offend some circle of friends to make money, things to say sorry, if you do not agree to the same some ideas for the operation of my welcome criticism and advice.

in fact, this is not the most accurate English station, it should be called foreign language station. The reason why it is said to be a foreign language station, said that because of some special reasons, the Chinese language: Simplified Chinese and traditional Chinese, so you can do simplified Chinese station, and traditional Chinese station, significantly higher price of traditional Chinese station. Also there are many such as Japanese, Korean, German language site etc.. In a word as long as the local network can be done by foreign foreign station, station, network where you have Google (in addition to the individual country LAN is very powerful, without access to the Internet), so do English station called foreign station more diversified.

Why build English station? Many people say do make money, what? By advertising! But now China domestic advertising market the majority of common disaster-ridden, dragons and fishes jumbled together, the small owners are in hot water to survive in the edge of life and death, while considering the policy, while pondering how to make money. But want to make money to put too much, it is not practical to start, eager for quick success and instant benefits, what tricks "cheating", click on the brush: brush flow…… From the examination room to the Internet to cheat, I do not know whether it is sad Chinese education, or the Internet cup. So earlier this year, when AdSense CPA, a Firefox download from $1, plummeted to $0.1, in the end, put directly off the Firefox browser in China delivery plan. Cause I don’t have to say, cheat. So now Chinese Google AdSense CPC click price has been much lower than a few years ago was low, mainly by domestic quick webmaster to do. So we can’t blame anyone, we’ll have that quality.

also wants to call here to prepare for the station

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