Look at the prospect of Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan guest

Look at the prospect of Taobao webmaster Wangzhuan guest

everyone off the Taobao era is not far away from us, now in Taobao after buying a product, you can see on Taobao customers to promote links, tell buyers to purchase goods, to share with friends, but also to make money. As long as a little attention, all buyers can see, but some people too troublesome, do not want to know these.

some people say that the future direction is to do word of mouth, buyers know that you make money, but also willing to let you earn this part of the money to buy you recommend, because there is protection……

some people say that the future direction is to do content, content driven traffic, traffic, and can promote the relevant products……

said that the future direction is to do not have what category segments, the goods with Taobao as much as Taobao……

some people say that the future direction is to expand the e-commerce chain, do a wide range of online shopping guide, not limited to Taobao, Taobao is limited to customer promotion……

one, we are more cautious period

Taobao customer promotion platform has just launched the first edition of

, only in the consumer protection sellers, Taobao customers can participate in the promotion, we all take a more cautious attitude, the Ali Mama official propaganda is relatively small. Few people Drilling rules loopholes. Some Taobao – Ganluan are still worried about the promotion of goods, so the legal liability caused by. I remember I used to say I do such a thing, the family asked me, this does not violate the law? If I bought you through the promotion, not good, how to do? Buyers to buy Taobao customers to promote products, but are also more security, after all, is to join the consumer protection sellers, and are some of the more powerful and the vision of the seller. Personally, I think, in this period, the buyer is more favorable.

two, the seller’s propaganda mobilization period

Taobao customers because of the platform to promote the product is too small, it is difficult to attract more Taobao customers, especially the strength of the site to promote Taobao customers. So, Ali mother launched the treasurer of the publicity, and will participate in the promotion of the limit down to 3 as long as the credibility of a heart can. After a period of time in the promotion of publicity, treasurer up, the amount of goods and passengers in the category of Taobao promotion platform are more and more. Especially some shopkeeper from a taste of sweetness, this is particularly interested in, and experience sharing, promotes the matter. Remember that Ali mother community, once all the shopkeeper find Taobao off the post. During this period, only a single product promotion, is the most favorable period of dispensers. Some shopkeeper, the shop, only three or four items in the promotion, leaving most of the transactions do not have to pay the commission.

three, the Taobao customer propaganda mobilization period

from the beginning of May 20, 2008, Taobao guest promotion platform upgrade, giving the concept of the whole store promotion. During this period, Taobao customers to promote the platform of goods has reached the level of mass, urgent need to promote a lot of Taobao customers. So, Ali mother began

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