The first task is difficult the good leadership should do 9 things

The first task is difficult the good leadership should do 9 things

the world has been changing, the market is constantly adjusting. China has a saying, "thirty years Hedong, Hexi in the past thirty years." But now the strength of the number of years has been far less than thirty years. Even if the enterprise in the growth, it will encounter challenges, and leadership in the face of challenges, but also highlight the true colour of a hero.

recently American journalist and entrepreneur Bill Murphy Jr. has seen a retired 26 year old lieutenant. They talked about what the lieutenant learned during the 82 days leading the 40 soldiers. Maybe a lot of people don’t lead a platoon through the fire, but applying these principles, no matter what challenges you face, you can greatly enhance your effectiveness as a leader.

1 control your fear

once a bullet flew over the Lieutenant’s ear. He was really scared. But he realized that he had to overcome this fear, because his soldiers were watching him to guide them how to react.

courage does not mean a lack of fear, of course, as a leader must not be charged before the blind face of adverse situations. This means you don’t let your fears become contagious. If your team is confident that you can make smart decisions in difficult times, your team needs to believe that you can control yourself.

2 remember, mission first.

because you want to have the trust of the team, you have to be responsible for the team. First of all, you have to give them a worthwhile goal, you also need to show that you are willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

but remember to finish the task with minimal personnel input. Even if the task is the first, but also to put people in mind to complete the task.

3 also remember that the task is ahead of you.

The only effective way for

to be "mission first" is if you really believe that you are willing to put the task in front of you. This means that you are in the task for others, you can take their own security risks. On the other hand, this means that you will sacrifice short-term interests for the team’s goals. How else would you let your people do that?

4 depends on your preparation.

the lieutenant has been preparing for the battle. He was drafted into the army, 4 years in West Point, after graduation 2 years of training. But this kind of training doesn’t prepare you to be in a real situation.

this principle applies to any leadership scenario. How do you think ahead will respond to difficult situations, you will be an important moment in the rapid response and adaptation to break the normal procedure.

5 stern, but also tenderness

in the battlefield, the soldiers, to severe, intuitive, but also sympathy.

once, the lieutenant must remain awake during the first 60 hours of the battle

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