Entrepreneurial story Dwolla do not take the unusual way to subvert the payment industry

Entrepreneurial story Dwolla do not take the unusual way to subvert the payment industry


Dwolla founder Ben · Milner (left) with investor Ashton · (right)

Apple has a well-known advertising "think different" (Think Different), advertising words Steve · Jobs (Steve Jobs) tears: "to those crazy guys they salute their whimsical, their personal independence of conduct, promote reform, promote people to move forward. This classic copy is not only a portrayal of Jobs’s life, but also inspire all entrepreneurs continue to open up new dreams.

entrepreneurs are not without dreams like Jobs to challenge the world’s original rules, change people’s way of life. Dwolla is a start-up company from the United States, Iowa, they are in a disruptive business model into the field of payment, hoping to change the traditional way of transfer, to bring more convenience to people’s daily lives.

The special thing about

Dwolla is that they bypass the credit card companies directly through the user’s bank account transfer, pay only 25 cents per payment fee. Yes, no matter how much the amount of the transaction, only the cost of a coin. Compared with Paypal, Square and other existing payment service provider fee and 2% of credit card companies’s fee charged by the card compared to Dwolla is a completely different.

Dwolla founder of the · Milner (Ben Milne) is envisaged: do not do the next Paypal, and to create the next Visa, so that payment becomes as simple as making friends on Facebook. In Milner’s view, Paypal and Square are phenomenal creative products, but they are built on Visa and MasterCard and other credit card network above; and Dwolla is another high-rise.

this is a paranoid successful world, Milner works a little Leng, speak from time to time with Fucking, foul language, frank and straightforward. About Dwolla’s creative origin, he blurted out without thinking: I only hope to complete his mother’s (I just want transfer! The fucking money move


looked at his uncle, but Milner was less than 30 years old this year. Entrepreneurship this way, Milner has gone 10 years. His life trajectory and Jobs, ·, (Bill), (Gates), such as Zuckerberg (Mark) and others have the same place: drop out of school in. After graduating from high school to enter the University of Iowa (University of Northern), Milner found himself interested in doing business far more than the study of the. He soon made himself