Entrepreneurship inspiration perseverance crystallization

Entrepreneurship inspiration perseverance crystallization

when the addition principle of the law of genius is widely accepted, many things are defined by the addition rule. While the business can not escape this number. So, what is the entrepreneurial and what kind of equation? Naturally, in my own entrepreneurial experience, I summed up such an equation, entrepreneurship =60% inspiration +40% perseverance.

inspiration: a lot of people will think that entrepreneurial success depends on opportunities. However, from the beginning of my business, summed up the inspiration is the most important, and the opportunity is only part of the inspiration. The main reasons are as follows: three.

reason one: the market competition is intense, the inspiration has own piece of heaven and earth;

once, I saw an article called "ideas in the NetEase, to buy socks" monthly articles, this paper introduces a subscription service for the customer provide to socks "black socks website". The nature of this website was very successful, there is no doubt that his success cannot do without its founder Sami whimsy. Because in the current market, each can get gold industry almost all have covered numerous competitors, in order to occupy a world of their own in the fierce competition in the market, they must have their own inspiration and support.

of course, since I’ve been working on the promotion. I slowly started in their promotion into the inspiration from the original elements, I give customers to develop simple Forum promotion recommendations to the last forum marketing, Baidu asked, press releases and other one-stop marketing services, is a very good example of the use of inspiration.

reason two: not only can bring inspiration to customers, but also to retain customers

opportunities, can help you find customers, but can not help you retain customers, and inspiration has brought customers and retain customers two advantages.

in the business now in the market, the most taboo is undermining such a. But this is the most likely scenario of the market scenario, once your product or service is lack of advantages and highlights, then you will face the risk of being eliminated.

three reasons: Inspiration to help entrepreneurs go faster

entrepreneurship is the most difficult, and there are many uncertainties exist. Therefore, in order to go on the road of entrepreneurship faster, it should be inspired to help. Below, I have to promote a customer (the customer to replace the XX brand, as photographic equipment) as an example.

XX brand was established in 2012, is a professional photographic equipment manufacturing company’s brand. The company began to carry out creative publicity in 2012, including the forum held in the flash hummingbird training camp, held the 8.15 Beijing Shanghai famous forum rob floor to buy light activity, even in September went to Cologne in photographic equipment exhibition, the brand in a short period of a year’s time to grow up quickly.