f the rights of the 66 Wang Sicong Jingdong is not so quick to apologize

f the rights of the 66 Wang Sicong Jingdong is not so quick to apologize


writer 66 buy rotten fruit in Jingdong, refused to compromise, as long as the fair. After Wang Sicong micro-blog said Jingdong disclose their privacy has not given a response at the same time, behind the 66. Yesterday, @ Jingdong spokesman micro-blog released a letter of apology to Wang Sicong. According to the contents of the letter of apology, the event originated in third party sellers secretly leaked Wang Sicong shopping records, and Jingdong did not deal with the matter in a timely manner. In this regard, Jingdong has asked the store to delete the relevant information, and its corresponding penalties. At the same time, Jingdong said it would further improve the management of the third party platform business, and strive to enhance the user experience.


activist success lies in the identity of

This is the focus of the

process rights, 66 is the first to general consumers rights of minors, after the change to micro-blog V identity published articles, the plot immediately reversed, the Jingdong orchard every day not only promised return, apology, also donated 66 monthly 500 yuan prepaid card fruit.

Wang Sicong is also a big micro-blog V, Jingdong responded quickly, less than a day to investigate and apologize to Wang Sicong, and promised to strengthen management.

obviously, adults can not be separated from the identity of its big V. This is like the 66 said, I as ordinary people’s lives, difficult, often rely on the identity of the big V and fans to help me get back the right to own." The ordinary consumers shop in the electronic business platform, all rights suffered distress, already are numerous, the network can see many users reflect the rights cases, consumers should have the right to ignore, so by the electricity supplier. This is a deformity.



should not engage in identity discrimination

in recent years, the electricity supplier platform occupied in the retail market share is growing, but also more and more complaints, but because consumers lack the right to speak and influence, nor by the electricity supplier platform attention, while the 66 and Wang Sicong V this is different, the distribution of micro-blog too much influence, so you get business platform reply and apologize for the first time.

so, 66 and Wang Sicong rights success, the Jingdong platform of the third party management and customer service service to the big weakness completely unmasked, be quite different V and the ordinary consumer attitude, also make public a chill. Obviously, the Jingdong as the representative of the electricity supplier platform needs to reflect on the lessons can be neglected and violated the interests of consumers, should not engage in identity discrimination, should not discriminate between consumer complaints to the consumer rights, but equally, respect every legitimate rights and interests of consumers, treat every complaint information seriously, strict internal management, prevent the occurrence of similar incidents.

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to strengthen the protection of personal information

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