Sources said Jingdong mall appointed Zhao Guoqing Chief Strategic Officer

Sources said Jingdong mall appointed Zhao Guoqing Chief Strategic Officer

July 6th morning news, Jingdong mall continues to expand its executive team, according to sources, the Jingdong officially set up chief strategy officer, and appointed Liu Qiangdong as the Jingdong store CEO positions in the China International Business School Alumni Zhao Guoqing.

data show that Zhao Guoqing had worked in Lenovo, Huamao and other companies. Sources said that it will be responsible for the organization structure of Jingdong, business model, operational processes, etc..

nearly a year to Jingdong executives: frequent introduction of former director of Merrill Lynch Investment Bank Kui Ying Chun as vice president, former Acer executive vice president China Lanye as the Jingdong CMO, former Baidu executive Shen Haoyu as COO (COO), Oracle vice president of global Wang Yaqing as CTO (Chief Technology Officer), the the appointment of chief strategy officer, was also seen as outsiders continue to build "luxury executive team".

but nearly a month of Jingdong is also facing the loss of executives, worked in HUAWEI, the Jingdong is responsible for the strategic development department, and vice president in charge of information technology and Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong resignation, CEIBS EMBA2009 classmate B soil month left Jiang Haidong Jingdong.

, according to media reports, Jingdong and investment reached the mall has suspended the IPO consensus, and seek D round of financing, Liu Qiangdong did not specify this information only in the statement, micro-blog said, "the rumors fly boring too many people". (Lin Ming)

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