Wang Xiaoya hot e commerce into two sessions hot

Wang Xiaoya hot e commerce into two sessions hot

NPC and CPPCC annual report, two sets of CCTV "Xiaoya ran NPC and CPPCC" is a flow of scenery, has become the focus of audience attention and become a focus of attention in the media reports NPC and CPPCC. 2009 is China and the world economic "year", "the biggest economy is the people’s livelihood", yesterday (March 8th) aired on NPC and CPPCC Xiaoya ran employment and other livelihood topic, focusing on "electronic commerce" contrarian rise of this golden key".

origin: occasional migrant workers into the boss

let Wang Xiaoya born this is read, and a half months ago, she was in the e-commerce capital – Hangzhou, an interview with the first line of a guy in Anhui. A few months ago, an electric bicycle factory in Shenzhen to work, but after the financial crisis, many factory workers have been laid off, he also unfortunately become a member of them, then he and his girlfriend came to Hangzhou, began a new life network selling clothes.

Yu Ziming told Xiaoya, he and his girlfriend two person, a person in charge of clothes, a person responsible for uploading photos and care in the online shop, although their store opened less than 3 months, but every day has received orders for two people very satisfied.

"in Shenzhen, a month to earn two bits. Now an average of about three thousand per month." Yu Ziming has let Xiaoya full of curiosity, she could not imagine that the son only ten square meters of a small room, the most conspicuous display only a computer, a bed and a wardrobe.

let Xiaoya surprise, in Zhejiang Yiwu business school, more than 8000 students have 1200 spare time in the online shop, to create an annual sales revenue of up to about 25000000 yuan, the monthly income of individual students has reached several million.

In the

view, and let the students go to the society can not find work, let them learn entrepreneurial skills now to make a living, let them not find jobs, but the rice bowl, not to give him gold, but his fingers able to perform wonders."

reason: Alibaba directly create 580 thousand jobs

therefore, the second day morning, Xiaoya and Yu Ziming went to Hangzhou he used to purchase Sijiqing clothing wholesale market. I did not expect here, she met an unexpected harvest – deputies, Zhejiang Textile and Fashion College President Wang Meizhen is also conducting research.

According to Wang Meizhen

, Sijiqing currently has more than 2 thousand businesses opened a shop on the Internet, but the effect is also good, so she research in the role of Electronic Commerce on the traditional industries.

subsequently, the two specially interviewed the country’s largest e-commerce platform – Alibaba CEO Wei zhe. Wei Zhe told them, from the employment perspective, e-commerce is relatively low threshold, more convenient, do not need too much network resources and manpower resources, traditional industries can borrow this new technology platform, expand the trade.

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