Biography Chanel will continue to suppress the price of China’s purchasing market

Biography Chanel will continue to suppress the price of China’s purchasing market

for luxury brands, such as Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton handbags, is one of the important sources of income, especially considering that most of the fashion show clothing completely sold or sold only a small number of. As a result, handbags for them is the key to success, for consumers is the focus of attention.

2015, Chanel was driven by its global strategy to promote global brand handbags, global market sales recorded an unusual growth. For consumers and investors, Chanel handbags prices have remained stable growth, although Chanel has not officially open its 2016 pricing plan, but according to the latest Luxury Daily media news, Chanel handbags may soon be a substantial increase, but the report did not disclose the price of the price and the countries involved. As for whether the price in the Chinese market will be like last year, there is no clear message.

in March last year, Chanel announced a global unified price adjustment for its iconic handbags. A few weeks later, in April 8th, Chanel established equal pricing for three handbags, significantly increased in Europe, while the price in china. In the United States, Britain, Canada and Japan, the price adjustment is not obvious, because the price itself is in place.

when the entry into force of this strategy, Chinese market Chanel handbags prices, but the European market prices, the price adjustment strategy for Chanel with the electricity supplier price gap reduced, the formation of a strong blow to the imitation and purchasing market, and promote Asian consumers, especially China consumers tend to buy at home, rather than overseas consumption.

last year, Chanel before the price adjustment, the normal price of the brand is also growing. According to data comparison, Chanel classic black sheepskin Flap Bag in the past five years, the price rose to $40%, from $2850 in 2010 rose to $4900 in 2015.

straight up the price growth also occurred in the iconic Chanel niche handbag Boy Bag. For example, in 2012 launched a small Boy Flap Bag has just entered the market price of $2500, medium size retail price of $3200. 2015, the small size of $4300, the median price of $4700, or $40% and $30%.


behind the global price adjustment is to hit the purchasing market, Chanel CEO Bruno Pavlovsky fashion in early May in Cuba and Havana to accept an interview with the Reuters confirmed this point. Bruno Pavlovsky said that despite the curb gray purchasing market turnover has been successful, but Chanel’s turnover growth this year will slow down, but he declined to disclose specific figures. At present, Chanel has a complete team, including outside counsel to stop purchasing market.

analysts have pointed out that in the parallel market, purchasing is squeezing the entity stores

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