To prevent illegal websites will prosecute web hosting

To prevent illegal websites will prosecute web hosting

purification network environment and new initiatives. Following the 2005 implementation of the network real name system, the beginning of this year, real name system for online games, deputy director of the Ministry of information industry, Telecommunication Management Bureau yesterday, Chen Jiachun said, will focus on strengthening the virtual host, hosting and other Internet service market management this year, to contain pornographic information on the Internet, the phenomenon of illegal websites emerge in an endless stream.    


website hosting market chaos

executives said the current domestic web hosting market order is very confusing, while illegal phenomenon is serious, especially the existence of a large number of business does not have the ability of tour operators into the market and other issues, which not only leads to frequent downtime, site users often hacked damage consumer rights event, also caused the reactionary, yellow etc. the phenomenon of illegal websites, it is difficult to cure the situation emerge in an endless stream. Last year, the Ministry of information industry on the official regulations of trans regional value-added telecommunications business license "who engaged in the website hosting and storage space and other network resources taxi" service companies must obtain "issued by the Ministry of information industry". And also developed a user must be a reasonable charge, regularly participate in the annual inspection or cancellation of business license qualifications, etc..

Chen Jiachun said to did not obtain the relevant business license, the access server where the communication management department to clean up and regulate; for only in the provinces to obtain the relevant business license, but in the local business, access to the location of the server communication management department also should carry out clean up and standardize. Access to business license for Internet access service providers, to strengthen the industry supervision, focusing on the implementation of the site to record the management of the inspection. The Internet access service providers for repeated rectification or cancellation of business license according to law.

registered capital of at least 10 million yuan

it is understood that the operating license certification conditions are not relaxed, the registered capital of not less than ten million yuan, must have a certain size of the venues and facilities and other physical conditions.

Chen Jiachun stressed that the basic telecom operators to bear the responsibility for the management of Internet access services, strict checks. To provide access to the Internet access services before the unit should be aware of its use and access to the real information access unit. At the same time, the audit is to obtain the relevant business license issued by the competent authorities. For the purpose of concealing or changing the access unit for accessing the Internet access, the basic telecom operation enterprise shall immediately terminate its access as soon as it is discovered.


, the China Telecom that will carry out special treatment to the Internet access service market hosting, hosting as the focus, according to law to strengthen the information service provider license, record management, check its business scope. China Netcom also said that it is necessary to strengthen the hosting, hosting business management, strict implementation of the user >

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