The electricity supplier for ten years people pay homage to the Martyrs Pei film Hero

The electricity supplier for ten years people pay homage to the Martyrs Pei film Hero


The history of the development of

business in Chinese ten years, like a company’s fresh business history, from infancy to adulthood, to experience various pains and rebirth, eventually the Phoenix Nirvana rebirth. Left is the hero, the fall is up after the fall of martyrs, rebirth, has become today’s hero. Throughout the history of the development of the electricity supplier, there is a very interesting phenomenon is that in today’s electricity supplier hero most fall and rise the number of martyrs martyrs after rebirth. This paper reviewed the development course of business for ten years, those who have memories of the electricity supplier website and business people become fashionable for a time. As I sent in generation of network marketing competition declaration: touch business for eight years, tide to change radically. Now the business expert are old parents, new baby, people or those who do not have those things.


any history has its irreplaceable uniqueness, China’s electricity supplier development history is doomed to escape the trajectory of history. In the earliest business history, the name of old banyan destined to be China history records cut electricity supplier. Let us as the origin time of the express back to 1999, he served as general manager, federal software electronic commerce department after the transformation, the creation of, one of the earliest e-commerce website, immediately into venture capital and surrounded by the mad chase. Wall Street after the dotcom bubble burst, listed hopeless changed hands again, finally put up the shutters, a pioneer to death, leaving a good history and bitter bitter memories.

with the slow recovery of the Wall Street of the Internet economy, many e-commerce mode is ready, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain poured out. From 2002 to 2005, the development of the electricity supplier to a real world stage of development into the water, then the business circle is very small, remember the old Xing’s B2C Alliance Group is active to the scale of one hundred people, although now these people are now considered gangster class people, but at the time of the business the environment is a difficult situation.

in the business development stage, the emergence of a number of business models and business expert, now many business heroes are developed in this group was in the website. when the initial prototype, a good momentum of development, was born, to seize the limelight,, Xidan shopping, 800buy, Sara, E, soit, 2688, Chinese Newegg, Bertelsmann, red child, friends of music, PPG, Jingdong mall,, colorful Valley, NO5 Fashion Square, Monroe etc. hundreds of e-commerce website. Of course, this also emerged in a number of tenacious survival of the brand: Jingdong, Dangdang, Taobao, etc.. Now these sites in the field of electronic business is the brand has been successful for having heard it many times, Dangdang login Nasdaq, flower beauty in the old money, China dry matter, in which several successful e-commerce sites, now we are familiar with the business hero: Ma, Liu Qiangdong, Li guoqing.

the rest of the group fails or is still in power

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