The first video is already yesterday

The first video is already yesterday

is the first video only a short while ago, so even RMB superior, the acquisition of the first video account. Once upon a time, the first video was hailed as one of the best league in China, but now the first video is already yesterday.

in September, the first video was unconditional open registration, only prepare the matter station through the audit, in an attempt to save the market downturn, but only after less than a month, it announced the failure.

recently, most of the owners reflect the first video data is much less than in the past, only 1/3 in the past to the station ( is that, with this doubt, contact us first video service, get this answer

recent data to reflect the problem of reducing the station to verify the statistics, verification data statistics and no problem. Due to the current video advertising only temporarily Fetion, reduced the number of video ads will definitely affect advertising play times. And the choice of regional delivery (Fetion advertising has regional delivery refers to: advertising only the designated delivery area IP can see), so the number of landing IP video advertising impressions and your site is not directly correspond to the

from the above words we can see, the first video seems to have come to an end, once the first video fame is now reduced to no clients where advertising, is perhaps the first video has been the same advertising model has allowed users to extreme disgust, has not reached the expected effect. Perhaps the rise of Baidu TV, perhaps.. Perhaps..

I hate the first video, but the thought of the first video every day can bring than other unions, relatively stable income, I can, now already was not the first video, can finally take the first video, you can sleep well tonight.

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