Electricity supplier website disclosure 618 data mobile terminal sales growth

Electricity supplier website disclosure 618 data mobile terminal sales growth


technology news June 20th morning news, after the promotion war, the electricity supplier website disclosure of sales data: the amount of orders and sales than usual several times increase, the concern is the rapid growth of trading volume from the mobile terminal.

force mobile terminal

From the Jingdong

data show that in June 18th the whole world single volume year-on-year growth of more than 100%, in the performance of the mobile terminal is very prominent, the Jingdong, WeChat mobile phone client and mobile phone QQ entrance all day long from a single line of force, the amount of mobile end accounted for the overall proportion accounted for about 1/4.

Jingdong also promoted the promotion of the mobile terminal download, in the 618 day of Apple’s APP STORE China free list ranked fifth, ranking first in the life class.

data from the United States and the United States also said that as of June 18th 24, the total transaction volume grew by the same period last year, an increase of 5 times, the amount of mobile client orders soared more than usual times of 12.

Alibaba (scroll information), Tmall also disclosed promotional data, but its focus is 3C category. Tmall said it sold just about 1000000 hours in less than 24 hours, a day of retail sales across the country. But Tmall and disclose the relevant data mobile terminal.

true and false price

every time the user is most concerned about the price of promotions, many people think that promotion is just a gimmick, the electricity supplier website actually does not really cut prices. According to the shopping search site to help buy 5 release 2014 electricity supplier price data analysis report, the total number of electricity supplier during the 618 price reduction of more than 3 million 270 thousand pieces of goods in. There are more than 1 million 750 thousand goods to achieve the lowest price.

in the electricity price at the same time, there are also the opportunity prices, the "report" shows that there are more than 94 pieces of goods reached a record high price, the audio book products reached a record high price of commodity number.

in the 618 price war, although the appliance manufacturers are claiming to be cheap, but Dangdang and Amazon’s most sincere price. Not only a large number of commodity prices, but the price of goods and the ratio of the total number of goods is very high.

in the proportion of the number of commodity price, the price of goods accounted for 49.39% of the number of Tmall reached more than the highest, followed by dangdang.com and Amazon accounted for more than 21.57% and 15.87%, 618 Jingdong sponsor mall price number of goods accounted for only 11.77% of the total price of goods, in the fourth row.

but by the amount of goods and price ratio of the total number of commodities can be seen dangdang.com Amazon’s price and efficiency is the highest, because Tmall commodity base, although the price of more than the number of goods, but the price efficiency is very low, only ranked fifth, the Jingdong mall is still ranked fourth. (Lin Ming)

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