Beijing women’s open shop subsidized loans to enjoy the highest 80 thousand yuan

Beijing women’s open shop subsidized loans to enjoy the highest 80 thousand yuan

the city rural women, employment of female graduates, urban registered unemployed women working age women, if the individual engaged in online sales, domestic service and profit project for full discount of small loans; partnership or organized and set up small enterprises, can also absorb according to comply with the provisions of the number of women enjoy. The amount of discount or by a certain percentage of discount.

City Finance Bureau, the Municipal People’s Insurance Bureau, Municipal Women’s Federation and other units jointly issued the day before the women’s employment and entrepreneurship small loans financial discount management measures, to promote the self employed women’s progress in the city. "Women’s employment and entrepreneurship small loans secured by the municipal budget for discount interest funds.

discount policy is divided into two types according to the self-employed and small business partnership founded. The self-employed individual business license business scope if it is "low profit projects", third people without commitment to its security. Eligible women can submit a written application to the Insurance Bureau registration area county women’s Federation or people.

preferential object: household registration in the city proper and in working age, including rural women, holding "employment card" the transfer of rural labor transfer of rural women labor force, the registered urban unemployed women, but has not yet graduated employment of female college students, female employment transfer industry demobilized soldiers.

nine kinds of meager profit project

1, engaged in the community, streets, industrial and mining areas such as commercial, catering and repair, individual autonomy and partnership entrepreneurship projects; 2, retail, accommodation and catering; 3; 4, the arts and crafts manufacturing and other handicraft processing industry; 5, moving and distribution services; 6, the delivery of services; 7, resident services; 8, office services and other services; 9.

is engaged in low profit projects first self-employed discount loan amount is not more than 80 thousand yuan, honest regular servicing, again discount loan amount is not more than 100 thousand yuan; partnership and organized its small business loans does not exceed the maximum amount of 500 thousand yuan. Loan period is generally not more than 2 years.

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