Weight loss products in Taobao monthly sales of thousands of pieces of B2C marketing

Weight loss products in Taobao monthly sales of thousands of pieces of B2C marketing

the development of the Internet, especially the development of B2C, will be marketing into a deeper definition, will also create more personal history of the Internet hero. Some time ago, I found a weight loss products in acupuncture weight loss network rankings, careful observation and analysis of the. Nearly 10000 pieces have reached in taobao.com a lot of weight loss products sales, is taobao.com sales hot products, in the realistic market, even local TV advertising, sales is not so hot, but there is still a risk of television speculation. Years of distribution let me understand the Internet can create marketing the myth than reality. The following is my analysis on taobao.com last month sold tens of thousands of pieces of slimming products, if not do, I hope a lot of criticism…

first, analysis of several popular weight loss products, it is a new product, not only the new concept, but also is a selling point. Such as Taobao online selling L-carnitine, due to a variety of Hunan satellite TV program recommendation hot. L-carnitine has a new concept, doctor recommended, star trial, selling more unique, and into the sales the hot line.

second, the product has obvious effect, green and safe! Now lose weight are very safe, no effect of unsafe products, side effects, will not repeat the negative effects of the rebound, but the evaluation is not high, so you will find the product selling selling the products sold dead. In Taobao, on behalf of such products, such as: LVSHOU, lightning, etc..

third, the product price is reasonable, the average consumer can withstand the public but not lose the price of a general course of a period of 100 to about $200, one can let the customer experience, even if it is also practical to try. It can buy back again.

third, publicity efforts, several popular weight-loss products marketing channels are very wide, joined the Taobao customer promotion plan, can put 50% of the Commission to promote the China. Nearly 400 thousand of the Tao, 400 thousand of the owners for their promotion efforts is not strong enough. As can be imagined.

Internet marketing and marketing hype contrast:

first cost analysis: Internet marketing costs are relatively much less.

1, the cost of purchase, the cost of the Internet purchase only into a trial sale of goods, manufacturers are generally willing to give you the shipping, and online sales are not limited to the region.


agents, to be a regional agents, manufacturers generally consider that you have some money to do, such as a city or province of the agency, the first batch of goods should be ten or twenty above, money is not enough, if a certain brand of products, also has strict requirements such as restrictions. The channel network, before the agent what products, this industry for many years, there is no team and other factors must be taken into account. There are regional agents generally have a certain market margin, mainly to prevent goods and other factors.

2, advertising costs:

Internet marketing advertising costs, in Amoy net >

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