Yuan Yong how to innovate e commerce from the success of QQ farms

Yuan Yong how to innovate e commerce from the success of QQ farms

I am a do not love people follow the trend, when the China are popular happy farm and QQ farm, I always can’t get involved in those things, always feel no real significance, and wasted life almost, but not in does not mean you do not care, especially when you are found around everyone when the "farm" obsession, you can not help but want to ask: what is the reason for the QQ farm so successful? We can learn from what some QQ farm? Yuan Yong today want to solve this problem to discuss.


a, QQ farm success factor analysis

in Yuan Yong seems, QQ farm can successfully swept the whole of China, there are the following characteristics:

(I) simplicity:

QQ farm is very simple to participate in, compared to the traditional large-scale online games, its advantages are very obvious, the audience can be more widely, which is mainly reflected in:

1, the game is simple, easy to enter;

2, the interface is simple, strong operability;

3, the game is simple, no complicated rules.

(two) interest:

One of the important factors of the

QQ farm success is interesting, in which farm vegetables, pick vegetables, stealing food, rabbit, cattle, tortoise in the pasture, every link is full of fun; and there is enough goods available, that is to say the higher level can planting and feeding. In addition, more; the animated cartoon image design also makes the game has become easy fun.

(three) interactivity:

The essence of

WEB2.0 is interactive, QQ farm in this aspect is also very good, QQ between friends to steal food, weeding, watering and insecticidal, insects and other behavior, these interactive factors are QQ to the key to the success of the farm. But the QQ farm will also record the interaction between friends in time on the news, you can always see Moumou to your farm which did what bad thing, to your farm to help you so what time, do very well.

(four) to meet human needs

Yuan Yong believes that the more successful game is more in-depth study of human needs, human needs? Such as conquest, greed, vanity and the pursuit of the good and so on characteristics, QQ farm is done quite a place in this regard, upgrade system level and experience from easy to difficult to meet the desire to conquer; gold system can satisfy people’s vanity and greed, the process of plant and animal breeding and can meet the pursuit of good characteristics, and also reflects the success of the QQ farm city people’s heart is also expected to pastoral life, just let them to work in the city……

above is the main reason for the success of Yuan Yong’s QQ farm

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