Do you want to use the car in the end

Do you want to use the car in the end

March 14th news, according to a second-hand car group, said the car dealer, melon used car has begun to transform the C2B model, to provide the source of the car to the car, and said to provide the appropriate discount.

According to

billion state power network to understand, the second-hand car direct selling net seeds up to now still advertising propaganda "individuals directly sold to individuals, no brokers make a difference C2C model is the ultimate model once declared that the second-hand car in public is C2C, so at the end of 2015 by the car easy to shoot CEO Yang Xuejian publicly questioned.

Yang Xuejian thought, wantonly second-hand car electrical shops next to the burn, in addition to the education market, did not touch the market structure change. C2C model to encourage consumers and consumers direct trading, may be used in the used car industry is only suitable for less than 1/4 users, will not become mainstream. Used car non-standard, professional, low frequency, the need for professional service providers to support the realization of reliable and convenient transactions, and C2B2C model is the industry’s final".

therefore, Yang Xuejian had also publicly "Yuezhan" seeds of second-hand car CEO Yang Haoyong, said the seeds will reach C2B within a year, is not fully C2C, and is willing to take 100 million of the original shares as a bet.

now, gambling is less than four months, Yang Haoyong was said to enter the C2B?

therefore, billion state power network around, get the car operators to inform more detailed: melon C2B source transformation of second-hand car second-hand car auction in the original Ganji’s website "speed shot". The speed shot was originally to enter the second-hand car industry and car market along with the creation of internal business projects, but I do not know what reason has not been Yang Chung favor, but is C2C model car market support talent shows itself. As later incorporated into the 58 city car market, renamed the "seeds of second-hand car direct selling net" and independent, speed shot is packed to the seeds of second-hand car.


speed shot official website screenshot


billion state power network survey, were shot in the site speed vehicles were labeled as "seeds of second-hand car", but also to take the speed domain name The day after the website may also be renamed "melon shoot, become a member of the Department of seeds.

once suffered a cold speed shot now are picked up again, this is the secret weapon of the friends of the seeds of second-hand car Juesha?


speed car website screenshots

strictly speaking, the speed of the car auction model is the vehicle auction model, individuals and vehicles can be auctioned or provide a vehicle source in the platform. However, most of the parties to the main car auction, like the car easy to shoot, excellent letter shoot and other second-hand car companies are also used in the auction mode to provide services to the car dealer. Available >

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