Google Gmail mailbox error reflects the domestic enterprise mailbox mail Ji standard

Google Gmail mailbox error reflects the domestic enterprise mailbox mail Ji standard

After the February 27th

Google Gmail mailbox has a software error influence until now, many users of Gmail reactions are very strong, this is because the failure of Google Gmail mailbox has led to 150 thousand Gmail accounts have been deleted, not to mention the mail content can be saved. Although at present, Google has said: announced that it has restored the fault affected 0.08% of Gmail users.

March 1st, Google said, have recovered 1/3 of the affected Gmail account, but most still mired in dire straits, this pile of data can be user for a few years or even ten years of hard work built up. As we all know, Gmail mail service, in the world, but the collection of hundreds of millions of users in a mailbox giant companies, one can imagine, this failure, how many customers will bring losses.

The Google

fault Gmail mailbox has not let people be awakened before mail security awareness has become the state of extreme nervousness. maybe some clients, although also lucky, tragedy will not come in their own body, but they also have been alerted to the fault Gmail mailbox will also make them face the same problem.

industry experts believe that: at present, whether domestic or foreign, enterprise mailbox service providers are beyond count, for domestic, enterprise mailbox faces many challenges, the existence of a relatively small number of mail service providers: transceiver transceiver is not stable, not timely, often out of the letter, more important is the mail data loss, disclosure of trade secrets. Is a common problem in these areas do domestic service providers mailbox capacity relatively good and relatively small, cannot meet the needs of e-commerce has usually commercial correspondence storage, which will threaten their own at any time.

the above problems, not only a test of service provider of technology innovation, but also a test of the cost of domestic service providers, believe everybody knows that a large capacity mail need more cost, but there is no advantage in technology service providers in the market under pressure to bring down the price to a taste the occupation of the market, the end result is that the service provider could not insist, therefore, the linkage of the world mail technical staff pointed out: in the future, enterprises want to occupy a space for one person in the mailbox on the market, must be on the function of the mailbox for innovation, it is reported that the linkage of the world enterprise mailbox recently fully upgraded, the technical staff revealed that the forum at the same time, more beautiful, more powerful, has a large capacity of more than 10G, and the function is unique and powerful, support mobile phone mailbox, mail Arrival notice, as long as the binding of a new mobile phone mailbox, mail into the mailbox, immediately in the message and prompt feedback, overseas forwarding, global reach, let the boss will play in the hands of business.

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