The Yanghe River was banned liquor electricity supplier retaliatory price 1919

The Yanghe River was banned liquor electricity supplier retaliatory price 1919

last weekend, the Yanghe River, a notice about the supply chain of 1919 liquor chain supermarket, the outflow of the letter, the contradiction between manufacturers and modern channels once again put on the table.

deliberately to protest

May 2015, the Yanghe River issued a "ban" 1919 notice in the liquor business, requires its distributors and channel 1919 not to supply, otherwise should be severely dealt with". The "ban", it is in 2014 in the new three board listing, to join the country’s rapid expansion of liquor chain 1919.

1919 was founded in 2005, originally for Sichuan regional wine chain brand, in August 2014 after landing three new board began a nationwide expansion, the report shows that in 2014, operating income was 610 million yuan, more than 70 stores under the line, according to Yang Lingjiang, in 2015 1919 plans to open 500, the opening of more than and 300.

"we recently in Jilin Yanbian store, the Yanghe River has agents to store requirements related to advertising on the Yanghe River wine shop removed." 1919 Yang Lingjiang, chairman of the first Financial Daily reporters, said during the conflict, resulting in a clerk injured. In order to protest the event, 1919 of the Yanghe River’s flagship product into ultra low price promotions, and claimed to be the lowest promotion in the history of the Yanghe River series, in order to ban the fight back.

"strictly under the requirements of distributors and downstream channels are not allowed to supply 1919, if after April 21, 2015 the product dealers in 1919, regardless of the price, according to Cuanhuo dealt with sprang District, branch managers and dealers." A signed "internal notification Su Liquor Group Trading Limited by Share Ltd" clearly wrote, also asked the branch to properly handle the delisting delisting intention dealers, dealer inventory, control the products into 1919".

this letter issued in May with an internal agent with the 1919 conflict exposure, conflict, 1919 of the injured staff. Subsequently, 1919 on-line soon a number of low-cost products in the Yanghe River, including the price of 99 yuan 52 of the blue sea (official website price: 188 yuan, 269 yuan) 52 days of the blue (official website price: 380 yuan) to "back", "the promotion at the drop of more than 30%." Yang Ling Jiang admitted that the promotion is a loss of money, because it is "intentional" and the.

, we have been selling products in the Yanghe River is not much, probably only 2% of sales, usually no profit." Yang Lingjiang said, this is because they do not pursue the idea of each wine to make money, "we have 20% sales are not allowed to make money, 40% only to earn 5%, maintain the basic profit, 20% sales could reach 10% of gross profit, the Yanghe River in the range usually can not make money belongs to."

perhaps because of this, below market price sales lead to dissatisfaction with regional agents. "On the one hand, wine prices are sold by region,"

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