What is the advantage of Electronic Commerce on delivery

What is the advantage of Electronic Commerce on delivery

cash on delivery is a good stuff, why? Because it solves a lot of no online banking without Alipay consumers to experience a network shopping. However, cash on delivery is a double-edged sword, the fix will stab the seller, payment into a number of functions in Taobao "chicken ribs no fresh meat seems to delivery, abandoned the taste".

what are the benefits of cash on delivery


to improve the user experience, which is the first thought. What is the name of the user experience, Taobao is in the street stroll around, suddenly saw a very love of things, but there is no net money, and now is in the depth of night, out of money is extremely inconvenient, this time, cash on delivery is a big help.

from Taobao’s perspective, cash on delivery is an important part of the Taobao strategy, because the cash on delivery in the expanded, attract people who don’t have online banking or is not familiar with the computer operation of older consumers shopping is the key. At present, the domestic electricity supplier actively building their own logistics system, but also for cash on delivery pave the way for their own logistics, their employees, their money. A series of links are in place, consumers do not want to buy your things are difficult. Before consumers also have an excuse to say that they do not have online banking, online shopping is not, and now is not the need for online banking, direct payment of goods, as well as god horse inconvenient?

what is the disadvantage of cash on delivery


feel a lot, first slowly analyze.

increase in logistics costs. Cash on delivery choose express company limited, is not SF ZJS, Shen Tong Yuantong temporarily does not support, and a word of your SF (Yun Feigui), the one word (to take a slow slow). These are additional logistics costs, if encountered rejection, well, not only did not earn money, but lost a double shipping costs.

is not a freight insurance? Bullshit, why? One is the lower the amount of compensation, not a SF overweight if I went back 40 dollars, how much compensation? Top dead 20, this is not what you want to pay much on how much to pay, but the insurance company said how much compensation to lose much; two is a in order to reject the goods, express the pressure a week back, and returned after a week after the logistics status changes, 18 working days after the start of the claim, a series of documents to be handed over, and done well, wait, wait for God knows how long.

increase in operating costs. What? Telephone bills to pay, cash on delivery is usually needed to advance telephone contact, all kinds of information to determine the seller delivery, each month may take more cash on delivery list, telephone fee to pay a lot, but is long.

increased communication costs. Before a call by want want dozen customers now, for a cash on delivery, perhaps a customer service to customer telephone communication with a morning, why? Because in general are the initial contact with Taobao or cash on delivery to the customer online shopping experience, many are not familiar with, you may be from how to operate a >

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