The experience of the transfer of the new domain name agent Part one

The experience of the transfer of the new domain name agent Part one

New Year’s day in the Admin5 forum to buy a website ( Trading through Admin5 intermediary website, the transfer is very smooth, in the domain name transfer has a headache. First, find new network agents of the domain name (Nanjing Qilingqiling Network Technology Co., Ltd.) about the domain name transfer problem, they gave me a form, let us provide relevant evidence to the new post processing in accordance with the requirements and fill in. Before they bought the domain name, is generally not so trouble nets, transfer. This time also pay attention to see Admin5 to provide a more intimate domain name transfer service, so want to transfer the domain name to admin5. Did not expect trouble just started.

when I asked the domain name transfer request to the Nanjing agent of the company, they "are words meaning" to. I would like to know what is the reason I do not move, and their answer is "we can not transfer this side.". And these "barbarians" breath is just a waste of time, not to transfer agents, I find your "master": the new network is not


then I call the new network customer service, customer service told me: we do not have any new network agreement with you, your domain name is an agreement between agents and agents, we can only coordinate the new network." I don’t want to start their theory, I ask them, I encountered such a problem how should I deal with it? Customer service told me: you can contact the Nanjing branch for their coordination, they will deal with the general. As new year’s Day holiday, the new network Nanjing branch no one. Had to wait for the 4 to contact them. The afternoon of 4 telephone consultation Beijing Nanjing branch, put questions to a customer surnamed Tao (do not know is not the Tao) sales, I also began feedback problems, she said this is between me and the agent agreement, their new network and there is no agreement, they can only coordinate. Do not want to and her theory, let her coordination. Coordination of the results almost let me faint, Tao sales told me that she and agents contacted, agents still do not let the transfer, saying that their domain names are not allowed to transfer.

although the new network customer service has been said that this is the agreement between me and the agent, they are not new and I have any agreement. But I think, agents only in the sale of new products or services, there is no problem agents can not solve this problem, only to find a new network. Then contact the new network, the new network customer service let me contact the Nanjing branch of Lee, let him coordinate. I had no choice but to contact the new branch of the company. The first phone call in the past, the adult is very impatient to say that this thing has been known, the sale of coordination is his opinion. I said that I am now in accordance with the headquarters of the new network processing process, looking for the manager of the Nanjing branch to coordinate the treatment, I hope Lee can help me to coordinate. Li adults "well" the sound is not waiting for me to say thank you to hang up.

after contact with the two adults, are not contact agents. ". I don’t care whether I really can’t keep in touch, there’s one thing I’m sure of, >

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