Group purchase navigation station for consumers escort L’Assurex such as bamboo shoots after a sprin

Group purchase navigation station for consumers escort L’Assurex such as bamboo shoots after a sprin

domestic group purchase industry from scratch, it is like a raging fire, staggering pace of development. According to incomplete statistics, up to now there are more than 5 thousand large and small group buying site, and this figure is still increasing. Group purchase station hot scenes directly led to the rise of the navigation station, which, as the representative of the large dimensional navigation program for a time sought after by many people, such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like the emergence of group purchase navigation station. The four major portals also launched the domestic group purchase navigation station, some time ago also reported in domestic gaming giant Shanda also began to enter the group purchase navigation field, launched a group meeting.

why so many people go to the

the two main reasons: one, you may need to go to the station group purchase and supply for business cooperation, but the navigation station does not need too much trouble, the direct acquisition of group purchase station data displayed on the line, basically is automatic operation, does not need to manually add one. Two, of course, the most direct factor is the interests of the drive, as the saying goes, no profit can not afford to start, there is no profit is not a few people will do. As long as the site traffic is large enough, naturally there will be businesses to find the door. This time to set advertising, advertising fees is a very common way of profit. A high visibility of the navigation station, light advertising revenue in January will reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of portal navigation, not to mention, and may not be able to buy.

The emergence of

navigation station to provide consumers with gospel

in the face of thousands of group purchase website, how consumers choose their favorite products, how to choose more affordable goods? Face a series of problems, find a comprehensive information, covering a wider group purchase group purchase navigation station is particularly important. Buy the emergence of navigation stations, to provide consumers with convenience, so that consumers are more likely to find their own information faster, at a glance. Access to the site, browse directly to the purchase of hundreds of thousands of stations of the product, but also to show the picture is more intuitive than search engines. Of course, consumers can also according to different regions, different product categories, different prices for information retrieval, with the shortest possible time to find the most suitable for their own buy goods. The buy station at the best of the day to buy a few items that are not necessarily users like, so buy navigation station is preferred.

of course, the navigation station as the third party platform for consumers to push group purchase information at the same time, more is to provide consumers checks, not good for the reputation of the group purchase website does not cooperate, inferior goods group purchase does not cooperate as far as possible to reduce the risk of consumers in the group purchase. If there is any feeling of consumers deceived business services, should be timely feedback to the navigation network, reporting bad businesses and commodities. This is a positive and orderly development of the industry as a whole to buy and consumer protection, is a win-win thing.

navigation station consumers how to choose

dragons and fishes jumbled together

open Baidu input buy navigation, buy site Daquan and other keywords, it will be >

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