Don’t be deceived by the revenue Suning first half of the data you missed estimates

Don’t be deceived by the revenue Suning first half of the data you missed estimates

news September 1st, Su ningyun released the first half of 2016 report, a major media for its $68 billion 715 million revenue and 121 million losses reported. But Su Ningyun’s earnings billion state power network combing found that first half net profit of Su ningyun (the main business attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit after deducting non recurring gains and losses) amounted to 690 million yuan, compared with last year, the main business of 749 million net losses, loss rate reduced by 7.89%.

it is understood that Su ningyun in its earnings disclosed in the first half of the company net profit loss is only 121 million, which means 569 million of the main business is the amount of net loss compensation. Billion state power network to understand, this part of the difference from government subsidies and disposal of non current assets to.

The adjustment of stores under the

line: cloud store and service station is the key support object

in addition to the above indicators, billion state power network combing the first half earnings of Su ningyun, also found that the following changes. The first half of the traditional line stores, Suning has been adjusted, the number of Suning stores compared to the end of last year increased by 38, while the flagship stores, community stores and supermarket stores were greatly reduced, the community stores decreased by 37 (such as: 1). At present, the community store, central store, flagship store and cloud stores in Suning stores accounted for a larger line.


Figure 1: Su Ningyun business in the mainland store distribution


Figure 2: Su Ningyun’s

line distribution shop market level

from the market point of view, the current line of stores in the first half of the order of three categories are the market, the primary market and the secondary market, and the market and the number of markets in the reduction of the four (Figure 4).

in fact, the distribution of data and store Suning line shop is closely related to the strategic layout. Analysis of Suning said, from the point of view of future trend of store structure, Suning stores will be divided into two types, one is deployed in the core values of the cloud stores and flagship stores and convenience stores; in the creation of city community and the three or four secondary market.

from the first half of the stores sales revenue situation, at present all kinds of Suning stores, flagship stores and shops only cloud income is increased, and the center stores, community stores and County town store revenue decreased, and the community store towns and store a decline of more than 10% (as shown in Figure 3


Figure 3:

Su ningyun in the first half of the stores sales revenue of

this case, Suning said that the Future Ltd will be in the development of the one or two class market focus on promoting the core values of cloud stores, flagship store, and on the three or four line of the city center stores, community stores and shops to accelerate the transformation of the town, towards the service station.

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