Electricity supplier professional students should have the basic skills

Electricity supplier professional students should have the basic skills

as a manager, I have a lot of opportunities to come into contact with the electricity supplier of professional students, because there are many projects in the implementation of these students will cooperate with the usual recruitment work will be in contact with them. Just contact the more time, the more I deeply understand the electricity supplier of professional students why employment difficulties, especially in Guangdong electricity supplier students. Guangdong as the forefront of economic development, has been as a "vanguard" role in several economic reform tide, in the era of e-commerce has lagged behind, have to say that education is a big problem. There is no continuous supply of talent, or is suitable for the supply of talent, blindly through the development of enterprises, it is difficult to get more advantages in the development of e-commerce.

today (October 5th) when shopping online to see "ten basic skills" electronic commerce students must master the deep feeling, because these students in contact with the electricity supplier, will feel that they seem to know little about the electronic commerce, even I always sigh, feel like they love to accept new things, 80 90. Because many of the things I said, they always know absolutely ignorant of or scanty state, and in the actual project execution. Need to guide the content, especially the basic content is quite a lot, so I have been wondering what their teacher taught them what content. Of course, there are a lot of electricity supplier professional students also recognize this, has been looking for a variety of practical opportunities, such as to go to a number of B2C internship. The following are the ten basic skills, and in my opinion, it is really necessary to master these skills. Because you need to use these skills in any e-commerce company (big or small).

1 must use photoshop

many of my friends all know that this software will use this software, but really is not much, in fact, does not require a true friend to students can use how much good, but the basic map, change the image size, luminosity picture transfer, the brightness of these basic operations is sure to grasp, don’t buy a computer play games and chat QQ.

2 to be skilled in using word and spreadsheet

this can be said that every college students should master the skills, especially e-commerce professional students, in the future work will use a lot of related operations.

3 to know Dreamweaver and firework

some e-commerce professional students, especially girls, to graduation, have not opened the two software several times, but do not know the difference between firework and Photoshop, in fact, to master these two software should also is a compulsory course in e-commerce majors. Because you have to come into contact with a large number of changes in the work of the page, at least you have a certain understanding.

4 to learn the basic HTML code

does not expect you to really master the C language, JAVA>

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