Who gave O2O put on the emperor of the new clothes

Who gave O2O put on the emperor of the new clothes

entered in 2014, the word O2O seems to have penetrated into all walks of life. Let’s take a closer look at Qingfeng baozi news reports on various cases and mechanically emerge in an endless stream of ridicule. Even some marketing company, just a gimmick words into their own operation case, as far as the reality of the situation, I believe that people know.

has a few chat with friends, I feel very interesting. Interesting is, what is O2O? If not the electricity supplier will not be very clear. So, today we first look at, what is O2O, use Baidu Search: O2O, the full name of Online To Offline, also known as e-commerce online and offline, B2C, B2B, C2C and other electronic business model is different from the traditional. O2O is the online consumer to the reality of the store to go: online payment line of goods, services, and then go to the line to enjoy the service. By discount (buy, such as GroupOn), to provide information, services, etc., to push the message to the Internet users online stores, which will be converted to their own line of customers. Online services can be used online showmanship, consumers can use the line and screening services, online transaction settlement, and soon reached the scale.

simple understanding, O2O is the combination of online and offline, complement each other, to make up for their short board. O2O model is a docking relationship. Many people wrong understanding is a platform, is a traditional industry to enter the threshold of mobile electricity supplier. Through several consulting information, a lot of people still do not understand the electricity supplier, mobile providers, the concept of O2O model. There are also a number of marketing training, that there are WeChat, the installation of a public number, you can use the O2O mode of business activities.

in fact, the rise of O2O mode, more shows that the flow line appeared ceiling; line of business sales increasingly unsatisfactory, and business trend line, envious line, business line basis of comparison in the solid line, envious of the market. Moreover, the technology of intelligence to make this pace more quickly, a variety of mobile ports to reduce the threshold of the O2O mode.

network is not a magic place, but, we can use the network to create magic. Mobile Internet is the same, but we need to see through the nature of the industry model. A friend opened two stores in the side of the school, the geographical position occupies the extreme advantage to two micro marketing training, use the ready-made staffing plan, the WeChat public number, can reduce the cost of consumer groups covering the range of maximum radius, we asked whether the case that feasible? Really, so far, I also tried some preliminary methods, effect is not obvious. Of course, I also use WeChat circle of friends to promote, PC end as the image of the store display window.

WeChat has changed our way of life, however, to get an immediate impact on changing business models with WeChat, I don’t see

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