Jingdong 11 11 giant firms 200 million subsidies to consumers love ace

Jingdong 11 11 giant firms 200 million subsidies to consumers love ace

November 10th morning, Beijing Yizhuang Jingdong headquarters, Jingdong combined with a number of mobile phone manufacturers, staged a fantastic new machine in ace Jingdong "theme building laser show, for the Jingdong sold 11.11 of the popular mobile phone adds a fire. In the activity, the Jingdong headquarters massive background plate, Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, vivo, millet, hammers and other 10 brands of 13 new machines are projected on the ace uninterrupted Jingdong headquarters building on the whole, lasted nearly twenty minutes. In the night of the background, the new machine ace projection effect within a radius of 50 meters clear considerable, each card is very dazzling, let a person in a futuristic high-tech video show.


200 million subsidies to consumers love the ten major manufacturers of

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far in front of the building body laser show, Samsung, millet, HUAWEI and other brands to create customized innovative marketing to prove the professional ability of Jingdong as a brand service provider. The value of double eleven big promotion on the occasion, the Jingdong first launched 20 price guarantee free purchase policy, followed by an additional 200 million discount rate subsidies, will enhance the mobile phone to a maximum of 600 yuan to consumers, at the same time, through the new machine was so generous, ACE large-scale way to the major mobile phone manufacturers "affection". A new machine ace laser show dazzling behind, the highlight is a Jingdong with a number of manufacturers increasingly close cooperation and close cooperation, is the new machine of the mobile phone 11.11 ace Jingdong assembled a climax.


hand in the past Jingdong in collaboration with manufacturers, service, brand integration is provided by Jingdong and the influence of the platform, logistics and other traditional security advantages, to help manufacturers in the new stage, offering discounts one-stop solution on the other hand, menace from the rear; more and more manufacturers to choose the Jingdong platform and services, with the Jingdong "play together", also let the Jingdong in the accumulation of diverse experience at the same time fast, expanding the influence of the platform, to accelerate the promotion of resources in cooperation, marketing planning and other aspects of the quality and variety of. Borrow the words of manufacturers, many manufacturers have regarded Jingdong as a trusted comrade. Revolutionary friendship is not Jingdong unilateral rhetoric, but trust the "pledge" witness.

hard and soft power with both hands grasping deep insight into the heart of the

as a fun innovative marketing service provider brand marketing, in the play, the Jingdong has accumulated rich and varied experience. As early in the first Samsung Galaxy S7 Jingdong, Jingdong has tailored a buyout of the Milky Way line "activities, help appointment purchase hot; and for the recent episode of millet in the Jingdong 5s/5s Plus, Jingdong for millet tailored emotional marketing brand, with" city zero point "theme planning through a series of online and offline marketing, help the brand to enhance the overall texture and influence. In addition, for HUAWEI, OPP>

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